Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tree Identified

The Treutlen County Agent has identified the mystery tree as a saw tooth oak. He said that people plant them for the deer to eat.

1979 Clayton at Welcome Center Dedication

79 0926 05
September 26, 1979
Clayton at Welcome Center Dedication
Clayton Stephens was one of several who spoke at the dedication of the Welcome Center on GA 29 at I-16. He didn't create the center, but he was the foremost booster to fund and support it until he died. Behind him is Governor George Busbee. Clayton paid for every local newspaper campaign ad for Busbee. There were a number of times that the governor could have made an appointment for Clayton, but he did not. Clayton struggled for state funding for the center, but the checks were always late and required many phone calls and letters.

Others that week: Forestry Pageant contestants, Midget football, and semester Honor Roll students.

1974 Bart up a Tree

74 0925 01
September 25, 1974
Bart up a Tree
Persimmons were ready for the first frost, and Bart McLendon climbed up to test the ripeness of the fruit.

Others that week: Portraits of the Harley McLendon family.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Help Identify the Tree


The tree is behind the Senior Center near the dumpster. The nut is large and elongated, turn darker after they've been on the ground. The base shell is wooly-looking, covering most of the nut until it dries and expands.
Some people have already guessed chestnut or saw-tooth oak.
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Signs from the Sign Man 09/07/09 - 09/21/09

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1979 Brown Bag Pageant?

79 0919 04
September 19, 1979
Brown Bag Pageant?
June Harrell was chosen queen at the Beta Sigma Phi Brown Bag party. How many do you recognize?

Others that week: Football,Welcome Center, 4-H group, FHA, Band Backers, Johnnie Moring, Patsy Poole.

1974 Twenty-One Rattlesnakes in a Gopher Hole

74 0918 03
September 18, 1974
Twenty-One Rattlesnakes in a Gopher Hole
When a horse shied away from an old gopher hole at Mrs. J. A. Spivey's farm, they gassed the hole, and look what crawled out. Be careful these days, some rattlers haven't found a wintering hole yet.

Others that week: Football, Sound Off pics- Ruth Ann Cullens, Robert Hardy, Lewis Moxley, Wesley Crowe, Graydon Ware, Dennard robbery,pumpkins.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1979 Garden Club's Roses

79 0912 02
September 12, 1979
Garden Club's Roses
The Soperton Garden Club put the railroad roses ready for winter, including Mrs. Mary Ida, Mrs. Dicy Kate, Mrs. Loutrelle, and more.

Others that week: 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Foskey, nursing home, car fire, Mrs. Nannie Foskey, Lisa Morgan, W. J. Kea at 94, and football.

1974 Steer Banquet

74 0911 02
September 11, 1974
Steer Banquet
Six FFA members who had steers held a steak dinner for their parents and Advisor H. H. Glisson. Bubba Rogers, Al Garner, John Elllington, Eugene Thigpen, Cleon Brown, Chuck Ellington, Livestock Specialist Calvin Alford.

Others that week: Soperton Police Department addition, Virgil Price, rail accident on Wommack Ave., Boosters fish fry, pine infection, cheerleaders, football.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1979 Dr. McNair's Bird Hunt

79 0905 02
September 5, 1979
McNair Bird Hunt
Over 50 people at Dr. McNair's Bird Hunt on the opening day of Dove Season.

Others that week: The historic Gillis house burned leaving tall chimneys and the brick ice house, and the double level well curb, football game, Gillis Springs house, bucket of snakes.

1974 Sandhill Lake

74 0904 01
September 4, 1974
PFA at Sandhill Lake
The Public Fishing Area had been opened at Sandhill Lake, and the resident Poole family welcomed visitors.

Others that week: I-16 construction, Scout hut, schools open, a wreck, election at Courthouse, Nursing Home staff.