Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Signs from the Signman 09/30/08

Vote John Barrow for Congress.

22 Smalley 22.
He is an All-Madden type player.
5 wins and counting.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Signs from the Signman 09/27/08

Buy Cynthia Reese's new book "Not On Her Own" at Soperton Pharmacy.

Big O turns! the big 3-0. Happy Birthday.

Shelby Williams is 2008 Homecoming Queen. Congratulations.

Happy 13th Birthday Carnesia. Love, Your Family.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Signs from the Signman 09/26/08

Sept. 26 7:30
Homecoming 08
Wear Black
To The Game

Go Vikings!
Signman Will Be There
To See The 20 Play

September 1973 Fourth Week

73 0927 02
September 27, 1973
At Open House for the new City Hall were Mayor Frank Radford, Senator Hugh Gillis, Mayor Pro-Tem Jack Pournelle, and City Attorney Clayton Stephens. The renovated Railroad depot was originally a block east on Second Street and was relocated in the 1940's.

Others that week: City Hall, Girl Scout picnic, Jim Ellington on motorcycle, football- West Laurens, Ethier family.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 1973 Third Week

73 0920 02
September 20, 1973
How could they know? Pauline Daly and Leatrice Kight were talking with a future world leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Jimmy Carter was only the Governor of Georgia then. Rosalyn accompanied him on the visit to Soperton.

Others that week: More of Jimmy and Rosalyn, FFA forestry project, Lions Club, football with Johnson County, picnic in park, Sylvester Spivey family, sign and promoters of the first Million Pines Arts & Crafts Festival.

A Personal Note

A personal note:

I participated in the advance voting yesterday to be sure that my vote would count in November. Twice this year I was unable to go to the polls because I was in the hospital. When all my hospital days for 2008 are put together it adds up to about three months.

I voted at the county registrar's office. Showed my picture ID, gave the lady my new 911 address. By the time I finished the paperwork I felt that I'd met all the literacy requirements.

I'm glad that "straight ticket" voting has been eliminated in recent years. There was printing on both sides of the card ballot which will be read by machine. I voted for some Democrats and some Republicans. Incumbents who had done a good job received my vote, regardless of whether or not they had opposition. I didn't vote for offices on which the candidates were unknown to me. As usual, I voted against any constitutional amendment I didn't understand. I voted against all proposals that would give a tax advantage to anybody richer than I am.

For president I voted for the candidate who has pledged to raise the taxes of anybody richer than I am. Robin Hood always took from the rich and gave to the poor because the poor didn't have anything to take. I followed the advice of a bumper sticker on an old pick-up truck, "TOO POOR TO VOTE REPUBLICAN."

Signs from the Signman 09/24/08

The sign is on line at

Sept 26 7:30 p.m.
Homecoming 08
Look for 2, 5 and 6 to have a big game

2008 Viking Cheer
Demi Byrd
Destiny Hatley
Leslie Raiford

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 1973 Second Week

73 0912 03
September 12, 1973
THS cheerleaders pose at Lyons. Vikings lost the game.Neal Weaver was coach.

Others that week: Tony Harrison with sweet potatoes, Billie Higgs' horse show, "Five Rivers" industrial review.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Signs from the Signman 09/23/08

2008 Cheerleaders
Kayla Wheeler
Erica Shivers
Elisia Miller
(3 of the THS Cheerleaders)

Buy Cynthia Reese's new book "Not On Her Own" at Soperton Pharmacy.
(Cynthia is currently writing her next Harlequin SuperRomance novel.)

Sept. 26, 7:30 p.m. Homecoming o8. Go get win no. 5, Vikings!
(Notice that the Signman has been so busy that he has worn a hole in the grass.)

September 1973 First Week

73 0905 02
September 5, 1973
The Boosters Club gave a fish fry for the football team and coaches. In the opening game that week, John Pournelle kicked a field goal to defeat Reidsville, 3-0.

Others that week: TPS playground and other school scenes, football game, Sweat's Barbecue.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Signs from the Weekend

R J Dennard and the 4 and 0 Vikings. Go Team!

Happy 50th Anniversary Bobby and Janis Cone. That's real love.

Happy 50th Anniversary Bobby and Janis Cone. Congratulations!

(Bobby and Janis were married on September 19, 1958. Their 50th anniversary was celebrated at First Baptist Church Saturday. R J Dennard is one member of the Vikings successful football team.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1973 THS Vikings Football Team

73 0830 00
August 30, 1973
The 1973 Vikings football team.

Others that week: Football, majorettes, cheerleaders, Principal Robert Ethier, 4-H'er Cathy Davis, Churchwell's Grocery at Orianna, Suburban Printing picnic.

Branding Cattle

73 0823 01
August 23, 1973
Mickey Palmer and Eddie and Jakie Young branded and tagged cattle.

Others that week: The Celeste Shop clothing store opened, THS Class of 1961 reunion, and 4-H sewing.

Face of a Serial Killer

73 0816 04
August 16, 1973
Whatever happened to the serial killer William J. Pierce, Jr., who killed Mrs. J. B. Thigpen at the store in Orianna?

Others that week: Indian rocks near Sand Hill lake, Allen harrison at I-16, Forestry plane, majorettes, mayor photos, Neal Weaver and team.

Canning Plant

73 0809 05
August 9, 1973
Mrs. W. C. Brown prepared corn at the canning plant with help of John Ware and Chuck Ellington.

Others that week: B&PW meeting, Lucretia McLendon birthday, burglary of Sheriff's office, views of area businesses and industries.

The Bicycle Races

73 0802 03
August 02, 1973
Over 60 competed in the annual bicycle races. Pictured are the winners. There were many spectators. It was sponosored at Warnock's Pond by the Boosters Club.

Others that week: Aerial photos of Soperton and other towns, children with turtle, cotton comb, cherry tomatoes, Cook Holliday.

Aerial view of Soperton

Through the courtesy of the Georgia Forestry Commission we were able to make a large number of aerial photographs for Treutlen and surrounding counties. This is one of them.

Change from1978 to 1973

Some of my negative files for 1978 are misplaced, so I went back 35 years to 1973 negatives, beginning with August.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Signs from the Sign Man 09/15/08

Lions Club Officers

78 0628 02
June 28, 1978
Lions Club officers inducted at Ladies Night.

Others that week: blackberry picking, lumber wreck, gas tanks being buried at McLeod's. Mary Anna Manring earns diploma after leaving school for several years.

THS Class of 1968 Reunion

78 0621 0
June 21, 1978
THS Class of 1968 held their 10-year reunion at the Community House.

Others that week: GPA Convention, softball, Acteens, rough railroad crossings.

Tobacco Harvest

78 0614 02
June 14, 1978
Paul and Dale Hooks with Wyman Poole with head-high tobacco during the harvest.

Others that week:
Courthouse marker and magnolias, Roydon Wear building, bareback boys visiting the county library, art classes.

Photos June 1978

Today I'm posting photos for June 1978.

78 0607 01
June 7, 1978
Washout from the branch at the Industrial Park after beavers plugged the pipe under the railroad.

Others that week: Wood fire at Manning Street, Kindergarten Graduation, Scouts trip to beach, Tommy Corbin's 17 pound catfish, James Hutcheson family, pigeon at TPS, school retirees Eudora Moxley, Mary Radford, Iradelle Miller, Pauline Blount, and meeting at courtroom.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Breaking News

Gasoline was $3.65 first thing this morning. When I arrived at Crow-Mart the news was that the Governor had advised all state agencies that the price would jump by a dollar by tomorrow. By 11:30 a.m. the price at McLeod's was $3.95 and the Flash Foods price was the same. An hour later the price at Flash Foods was $3.99, and McLeod's was $4.30. The latest bulletin at Crow-Mart was that McCord's in Higgston was up to $4.70.
Is this what they mean by "futures"? The hurricane hasn't hit mainland in Texas, but the gas that has been sitting in the tanks at the stores since yesterday has increased in value to the highest price ever.
The problem is not simply dependence on foreign oil, the problem is oil, period. The country needs to invest in electricity, battery technology, electric motors and use electric trains and natural gas trucks for shipping.

1978 THS Graduates

78 0531 10
May 31,1978
Seniors graduated from THS.

Others that week:
Graduation pix, band concert, UniPress groundbreaking, Lions Club, softball, 4-h, Tobe Gillis last day on the job before retirement, KG graduates, Mimbs sunflowers, Beta officers, 5th grade softball.

1978 Rogers Log House

78 0524 05
May 24, 1978
The Rogers' log house was under construction.

Others that week:
Softball, fire at Baker's station, Construction at McLeod's. Barron and Lee Gillis, Cheerleaders, sports banquet.


THS Band at Disney World

78 0517 07
May 17, 1978
THS Band performed at Disney World.

Others that week:
Al Miller scholarship, ducks downtown, Social Science Club, Fishing Rodeo, Softball, THS groups, Training Center plaque, nursing Home, Boosters Club.

Morningside Baptist Church

78 0510 06
May 10, 1978
Groundbreaking for Morningside Baptist Church.

Others that week:
Dennard celebration, A.J. Posey retirement, Glisson bees on Carter Street, Pee Wees ball, Nursing Home, MRMC pix, Pinevista dedication to Glisson.

Photos May 1978

Today I'm posting pictures for May 1978

78 0503 03
May 3, 1978
Homecoming Day highlighted First Baptist Church's 75 anniversary.

Others that week:
Piano students, Mike McNair- golf, Beta Sigma Phi, TPS program, Special Olympics, Lee Sweat's dog, House moving, Miss Teenage Pageant, FHA, tree down at the museum, retired teachers, Shurlings storm, celebration at Dennard's.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembered

Bin Laden.

Do you remember him? The leader responsible for the disaster of September 11, 2001.

George W. Bush forgot Bin Laden to pursue an expensive, deadly war in Iraq.

As the country song questions: "Have you forgotten?"

THS Chess Champions

78 0426 07
April 26, 1978
THS Chess Champions: Glenn Brinson, Ricky Reese, Freddie Barber, Kevin Hazen, Chet Cox, Robert Griffin.

Others that week:
First Baptist Church 75th anniversary, Garden Club Golden Gala, FFA banquet, softball, THS groups, new city blg at water tank, James Merritt in suit.

UCWC Initiated Recreation Center

78 0419 02
April 19, 1978
Leotis Smith finishes UCWC marker. Councilman Gerald Smith and club members observe. The UCWC initated the recreation program 8 years earlier.

Others that week:
Mrs. Loutrelle's art class, recreation score board, FBC blg. before steeple, Janice Drawdy, proclamations.

Week of the Young Child

78 0412 03
April 12, 1978
It was the "Week of the Young Child" and the KG classes attended the newspaper office.

Others that week:
Fire hats,subscription party, baseball.

Photos April 1978

Today I'm posting the pictures for April 1978.

78 0405 01
April 5, 1978
Gene Smith's Western Auto opened. The Smiths at center with Mayor Radford and former owners Reginald & Alma Duke.

Others that week:
Forestry Pageant, Six Flags, Nursing Home, baseball, TPS program, Herbert Warnock at old Orland School site, Kindergarten at City Hall.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ken Edge's 8 Pound Bass

78 0329 01
March 29, 1978
Ken Edge caught his 8 pound bass on a Friday evening with a black worm. Location not mentioned.

Others that week:
Junior Shivers with a mess of fish and eels, 4-H DPA, Nursing Home Residents outdoors.

Prize Camellias

78 0322 08
March 22, 1978
Mrs. Jim Peterson shows one of her grafted camellias to Mrs. Jim L. Gillis, Sr., District President of Georgia Garden Clubs. The blossom is named Sheffield Supreme.

Others that week:
New city generator, Majorettes, spring football, TES program, wreck on I-16 at Crooked Run crossing, roofing at TPS.

Treutlen - Wheeler Hog Show

78 0315 04
March 15, 1978
Hogs being judged in front of the old stockyard (Ga 46&15). The top winner was shown by a Wheeler County student, one of the last bi-county shows.

Others that week:
Million Pines Garden Club officers, basketball, Holton fish, June Page, more of livestock show.

Shotgun Coleman's BBQ Restaurant

78 0308 06
March 8, 1978
Fire destroyed Shotgun's Restaurant. It was a former location of Sweat's.

Others that week:
Baseball, Mrs. Walker's 96th birthday, Mrs. Lizzie Hart's 102nd birthday, Junior Twirlers, 4-H, hospital, Plains, GA photos.

James Phillips at Basketball Game

78 0301 07
March 1, 1978
The Vikings made it to State with a win over Portal at the Georgia Southern gym. James Phillips was among the fans.

Others that week:
WALLER GIN, subscription sale, house fires Duck Ricks, Hambone Reeves, Bill Simons 2 story, FB Holton's early potatoes. Nursing Home, and more basketball.