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YOU ARE THERE - March 11, 1981

James Kight and Roseanne Odom were the first students to sell 10 or more subscriptions to the Soperton News, receiving "Supersubscriptionseller" T-shirts from Dennards. Half of the proceeds of each annual sale were given back to the kids. We would have done more except for Postal Service rules.

There was a special ceremony to honor Eagle Scout David Sanford.

Gary Ladue was safe at home in Vermont. He just "needed to get away for a while." The Navy veteran had previously served on a nuclear cruiser during Vietnam. He was married to Ellen Weaver, sister of Dublin insurance agent Jerry Weaver.  Gary and Jerry co-authored "The Irish Went Down to New Orleans." (If you have a copy, it may be valuable. I couldn't find it on Google.)

Windsors's column: St. Patrick's celebration in Dublin.

Ricks's column: School Taxes - A Bargain in Disguise?

Teen of the Week: Chet Cox.

Lee Gillis, Cynthia Hall, and Teresa Higgs watched Barron Gillis play tennis in a match between UGA and Penn State.

Linda Gail Claxton led the GA (Girls Auxiliary) on a walk-a-thon to benefit the Annie Armstrong missions of Tarrytown Baptist Church.

The Hall Sisters & Eddie reported on their trip to Trinidad.

Dublin Datsun Grand Opening.

Buddy L. Phillips, 73, died after a long illness.

Danny Ruis, 29, died from auto accident injuries.

Lizzie Ann Hart was 105.

Top winners in the livestock show: Kendall Mimbs, Alvin Heath, and Danny Shepherd.

"Football Considered for GSC."

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"Words of Christ" will get you to thinking and praying

There's a thingy on internet that's easily accessible called "Words of Christ".  It's on the sidebar of my blog, and I repost the daily words of Jesus most nights on Facebook. Here's a recent verse that brought on a question that I tried to answer from my own experience and from trying to know Jesus and follow him:

"Words of Christ": And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am [Christ]; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. (Luke 21:8)

The Facebook comment read: "After reading this, I wonder why the people that practice Judiasm believe Jesus was a profit. If he clearly says he is the son of God, then they should either believe it totally or reject him totally. Am I right?"

My answer: Hard question. Thank the Lord for Bible Gateway.

I believe it is a clear choice, and each person must find his or her own answer.

I searched "thou art the Christ". All 4 gospels had something to say:
Jesus Christ, Jesus is the Christ, Jesus is the Christ - the son of God, Christ, the Savior of the world, the Christ of God, Christ the Son of God, Christ the Lord, the name of the Father - and of the Son- and of the Holy Ghost, Christ, the Son of the living God.

That brash, man's man, Peter, spoke out when Jesus asked "Who do YOU say I am?" Peter said "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God."

It's a very personal, individual decision.

Jesus said "... this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven."

I read once that Luther finally concluded that salvation is exclusively by God, and that all man can do is want salvation, and even the wanting comes from God.

For me personally, it's a matter of heart, by faith, by hope, by love. 

This earthly existence pulls us so hard. We trust in earthly life and these frail bodies. I've been blessed by a few health problems. Illness has strengthened my belief that Jesus is the only way. I've read the Bible and respect it. I love to analyze and dissect. I love to argue and discuss - hoping to bring more clarity to myself and others. I love words and their means to communicate.

The Bible is important, but without the guidance of the Holy Spirit who speaks to our hearts and our inner selves, all the words of the whole world are meaningless.

Getting back to your comment, you have put the finger on a religious confusion that's alive in the world, and, sadly, alive in many churches. Being a good Jew is not the same as being a Christian - a follower of Christ, the Son of the Living God. 

Many, if not most, who heard Jesus were Jews and had been taught in the Jewish tradition by the religious experts (the preachers, if you will). In John 6 we find the words "This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?" In verse 66 it says "From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him."

The temptation of Bible study, church life, and trying to walk better each day is to become a Pharisee, to become one of those people who Jesus criticized most. I know. I lived it. The temptation continues.

After so many words...

YES. It is a clear choice. We don't mealy mouth and beat around the bush with Jesus. We must accept Him or reject him. Simple, but hard. No in between. No being lukewarm.

Jesus is the good news, the gospel. All scripture is profitable, but for beginners I recommend the book of John and the other three gospels, if he or she really wants to know Jesus and who He is. Read the rest of the Bible, too, but don't get lost and confused by anything that is not of Jesus. 

Mrs. Perry in English class once quoted something like "I've written you a long letter because I don't have time to write you a short one."

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YOU ARE THERE - March 10, 1976

Vila Lee Way and her sister Pearl Walker were taking care of over 50 healthy cats at their country home.  Some were part bobcat.

Windsor's column: St. Patrick's celebration at Dublin.

Ricks's column: Suggestions for retail merchants for attracting customers.

Brenda Lee was set to perform at the Junior High Auditorium in Dublin.

The THS Beta Club held a Walk-a-Thon to benefit Muscular Dystrophy. 30 members and their advisors walked the 6.4 miles from Harrell's to Sweat's. 

Sirloin steak was $1.59 per pound at Harrell's.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Clayton...

A couple of pages from the book. See all of them at: SouvenirBook81980TreutlenFamilies#

Dear Clayton,

I hope you're having a good time.  Historian that you are, I bet you've been talking to everybody there. How are your parents and wife? Have you seen any of my family?  Have you had a chance to talk with President Lincoln? How about Shag White or Bo Lightning?

Remember that Souvenir Book we did on Treutlen families?  I never did thank you enough for talking me and Windsor into doing it. You did most of the work, rounding up people and even badgering some of them to get up the facts on their families and submit them.  It was one of the best things that either one of us ever came up with.

You left us too soon.  Today we have computers.  Not the primitive machines that you knew, but fast, easy to use computers in many sizes.  All that cutting and pasting is long gone.  There are scanners and software to read records and convert them to letters and characters so they can be reproduced in any size or style... instantly.  I don't have the software to "OCR" (optical character recognition), but, Lord's willing, I will.  In the meantime, this afternoon, I did the next best thing.

I did what you used to do every Saturday evening - listened to the news from Lake Wobegon.  Not on radio, but on podcasts.  You may remember a thing called internet.  It has become as indispensable as the telephone.  It can work through phone lines or through radio signals. Most people take their phones with them everywhere they go; they're wireless.  You wouldn't believe the resources for family histories. So much information is free. The best source for genealogy is called, but it requires a subscription fee. Our library has several computers, just outside the local history room, which are free to the public. Your son is a frequent user of the library facilities.

It took a few hours, but I scanned (like a photograph) the pages of Book 8, the first one about local families. It's on a free website just for my pictures and pages. What this means Clayton, is the book, which is out of print (the first Souvenir Book to have a complete sell-out),  can be read by anyone in the world with internet access.

What do I mean, bragging about modern technology? Clayton, I can't begin to imagine the wonders you are witnessing where you are.

I miss you, old friend.

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January, 1902 - Last Spike Driven for MD&S

Looking for something this afternoon and opened a box I hadn't looked at for  at least nine years and found this clipping. I'm guessing it was published about January 30, 1987, as the regular feature in the Courier Herald was about "85 Years Ago". It was written by W. H. Champion, who had been editor of the newspaper many years

The Dublin Courier-Dispatch, January 30, 1902

Tuesday afternoon about 3 o'clock the last spike was driven, and the extension of the Macon, Dublin & Savannah railroad to Vidalia was completed. Nothing now remains to be done except to surface up about four miles of track. This should be finished this week and a schedule between Dublin and Vidalia can be put on.
In an editorial pointing to the railroads that Dublin had in 1902, the Courier-Dispatch told of the growth of Dublin during the prior ten years, and stated in true civic pride: "During the next ten years it is believed that the growth of Dublin and Laurens County will be more marked than in the last ten. It would not be surprising if Laurens ranked as one of the six largest in the state ten years hence and that Dublin at that time would have population of 10,000."

Very prophetic: Laurens County did become one of the top counties in the state in population.

Class, here is your assignment:
1- What was the date of that Tuesday afternoon when the last spike was driven?  We may need to celebrate the occasion during the coming January, right here in Soperton.
2- What was the population of Laurens County in the 1920 census, and what was it's state rank?  While you're looking, what was the new county Treutlen's population in the 1920 census?

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Friday, March 4, 2011

1986 Spring Practice

86 0304 04
March 4, 1986

I rank Marion Shaw as one of the very top educators in the Treutlen School System in my lifetime. I knew him best when he was Principal at the Primary School, but he was a good coach and, later, School Superintendent. He seemed to recognize the importance of community involvement with the schools, not only with parents, but the public at large. Here he's shown helping with Spring Football Practice.

Others that week: Walker Reunion (Mrs. Bernice was 85), GSP helicopter visit at TPS, ag ed photos, Mulberry Bush, June Wheeler.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

1981 Walker Reunion

81 0304 05
March 4, 1981

Bernice Walker was surprised at the Walker Reunion when she was presented a cake in honor of her 80th birthday. Left to right, front: Mrs. Bernice walker, Mrs. Georgia Hester, Mrs. Ivaline Phillips. Standing: Bob Walker, Feltman Walker, Donnie Walker, and James Walker.

Others that week: Basketball, Larry Kaase, Young at Heart, Patricia Peterson, Bill Peterson & Carl Gillis, Chandra Troup & Henry Miller, Jennifer Vaughn & Jeremy Poole at courthouse, Clayton Stephens & Donnie Cammack, David Sanford.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1976 Honorary Chapter Farmers

76 0303 02
March 3, 1976

At the FFA Banquet, Superintendent Bobby Driggers and Lunchroom Chief Mary Lou Davis were recognized as Honorary Chapter Farmers by Brantley Ricks and Chuck Ellington. When we were in high school "Ma" Davis would sneak a few peanut butter cookies out the back door. While performing newspaper duties at TES I would stop by the lunchroom, where she would have saved back a few cookies for me. They were huge. One of the reasons during the 1980s I got up to 192 pounds.

Others that week: 4-H Junior Rally, Garden Club Liberty Trees, Basketball, TPS program, band at PTA, Sharon Salter, Y clubs gave magazine covers to library.

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YOU ARE THERE - March 5, 1986

Johnnie Sears Ricks, 76, died in Macon where she had lived for five years. She had served Soperton since she moved from Wheeler County in 1935, as nurse and administrator of the hospital and nursing home. She was married to J. H. "Red" Ricks.

Windsor's column: Another installment of Charles Kuralt's look at southern rural life.

Ricks's column: Ernest Camp, the "Wiregrass Poet" and editor of the Walton Tribune.  He was the great uncle of Doey and Petty Moring. He had been inducted into the Georgia Newspaper Hall of Fame in 1962.

A city election was set for March 31, the first time that council members to be elected by district instead of "at large".

Dianna Hewitt was a state finalist in the Miss American Coed Pageant.

Paul Scott and Jamey Scott wrote 4-H articles about scouting deer and firearm safety.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - March 4, 1981

There was  a full scale investigation of the disappearance of Soperton banker Gary Ladue. Do you remember how it turned out?

David Sanford was to be honored as Soperton's latest Eagle Scout.

Lion Bill Peterson brought Carl Gillis to the meeting as guest speaker.

Clayton Stephens administered the oath of office to Councilman Donnie Cammack.

Windsor's column: The subscription campaign.

Ricks's column: Soperton - City of 100,000.

Pine Poll: When asked opinions of the governor's race, selected answers were: Sam Nunn if he would run, Joe Frank Harris, Billy Lovett, and "Possum" Lovell.

March 6, 1931: A whole page was devoted to the "Orland School Examiner," edited by the school superintendent and son of Soperton News editor.  His name was H. M. Flanders, Jr.

Mrs. Bernice Walker celebrated her 80th birthday.

Virgil Norris (Sr.) grew a big crooked neck pumpkin.

Boys Basketball ended with a loss, 71-59, to Metter, whose only defeat of the season was to Treutlen.  Lavon Mercer must have been on the top of his game this time against John Morgan's Vikings.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - March 3, 1976

Gov. George Busbee signed the bill to designate I-16 as the "James Gillis, Sr. Memorial Highway".

Bids were opened for construction of I-16 in Candler and Bulloch Counties.

Bill Peterson was Treutlen County Chairman of the Reagan Presidential Campaign.

Windsor's column: FFA Banquet and the great speech by Chapter President/State Vice President Chuck Ellington.

Ricks's column: His attempt to read the weather with his own instruments.

The Junior 4-H Rally was held in Soperton.

Lyons defeated Treutlen and Wheeler to take the Region Crown - the end of the season for the Vikings.

Lots of flu virus was going around.

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Zaidee, Georgia

Google Earth is a free application, unless you want to pay a few hundred dollars for the deluxe version. One of the drawbacks, as you can see, the images fuzz out the closer (bigger) you get to them.  North is at the top, south at the bottom west at left, east at right.  At left is GA 46 leading in from Soperton.

The USDA aerial photos were made last year before the northeast corner of the intersection was cleared. We've pinned the Phillips house, built by the Brantley family, the Pat & Clyde Palmer Store on the southwest corner, the Clyde Phillips on the northeast corner, and the approximate location of the Zaidee Country Store & Restaurant, opened January 2011.

Today we've added a string of Facebook comments to the blog comments on the snow picture:

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Worth Repeating: February 20-26

Some of the stuff posted on my Facebook profile last week:

February 20
February 20, 1902: Photographer Ansel Adams born.
I got the DVD for Christmas. I wonder what he would have thought of Photoshop and digital cameras. I saw some of his prints at the Eastman House when I was in Rochester. Indescribable!

February 21

Who drove #21 1975-2008

Car #21 history:
(In case you've forgotten or too young to know.)
"The team adopted the #21 permanently, and would become as notorious as any number in NASCAR history (along with the Petty #43 and Earnhardt #3)."
"The Wood Brothers invented the modern pit stop."

The public cost of corporate greed keeps growing and growing. Fort Ritchie is in Maryland. Say what you will about Jimmy Carter, but if the country hadn't taken a leftward twist back then, we wouldn't have a national bird today. "Safe" chemicals. Sheesh!

Long Story.
Read it all when you have time.
High speed trains.

You now have your online copy of Million Pines Festival Souvenir Book 5, 1977, about the City of Soperton, photos of former Mayors, important historical tidbits, directory of every street address and family living there, ads from all substantial businesses, and public servants, plus public-spirited citizens, such as Jimmy Lawton and Jack Ellington.
Photos by Bill Ricks, Feb 21, 2011

“War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children.”
Jimmy Carter quote

February 22

The same sun that drives up your electric bill in summer could reduce it with solar panels. One company leases them.

iPad sales increasing as laptops decrease.

This is the first time I ever saw this site. Wouldn't it be great if all of the yearbooks were on line. I don't know why the schools haven't already scanned and put them online.

February 23
He's from Soperton!

February 23, 1685: George Frederick Handel in Halle born. Handel became the leading musical figure in England. He lived a few years longer than Bach, which means, like Bach, he lived long enough to see his music fall out of fashion. His oratorio, "The Messiah," was first heard in 1749.

February 24
iPad 2 on March 2

A beautiful obituary for a Soperton (wi) citizen.

NEW: Easy. Sturdy. Reliable. Professional. $1,200 to $2,500. Get what you pay for.

Want to name this waterfall?
Photos by Bill Ricks, Feb 15, 2011
Photos by Bill Ricks, May 13, 2010 - Please refer to blogpost dated May 13, 2010

February 24, 1818: Frederic Chopin made his debut as a pianist. He was seven years old. The little boy was elaborately dressed up, and after the recital someone asked the kid what he thought impressed the audience the most. You know how literal children are. Chopin replied, "My collar."

February 25

In Wisconsin, the story may be presented as Tea Party again bad old union bosses, but the bottom line is about real people working hard to provide for families with little pay.

"This sense of heartbreak and disappointment defines the Blue Water veterans community, which lost hundreds of men to Agent Orange-inflicted diseases in 2010 and watched Congress go home without restoring the VA medical benefits the Bush administration eliminated in 2002."
Agent Orange was carried aboard Navy vessels and the spray from the mainland of Vietnam drifted out many miles to affect sailors.

What a glowing report! Looks successful. Wanna invest?

Jimmy Sharpe brought honor to Soperton and all of Georgia, being the only non-Florida entrant in the race. Beat the socks out of them!

Google to attack the spam jungle.

February 26
 February 25, 1873: Enrico Caruso, Italian operatic tenor born.

‎8th District Congressman Austin Scott stated the deal would bring 370 jobs to Georgia and have an economic impact of more than $17 million. Scott’s office told The Telegraph on Friday that Boeing had not released further details about those jobs.... Scott’s office said there was no indication yet whether parts of the aircraft would be built in Macon.

Want to save on gasoline? Something that everybody can do. Something simple. Just drive at 50-55 miles per hour on the highway. Speeding is the biggest gas burner. In town, maintain a constant speed; eliminate stop and go as much as possible.

Got a minute?
Listen to this.
Part of the reality of war.
Jerald Collman, who served in Vietnam, remembers receiving the bodies of fallen soldiers as an Army Graves Registration collection point officer.

February 26, 1852: John Harvey Kellogg was born Tyrone, Michigan. An American physician and health-food pioneer whose development of dry breakfast cereals was largely responsible for the creation of the flaked-cereal industry.
(I was 8 years old when Frosted Flakes came along. The greatest invention! Sugar that stayed with the cereal ...
See More

Tony Tiger and Tony Jr in this RARE Kelloggs Frosted Flakes spot. For more Tony visit us at

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Slide Show - Dublin Mall Science Fair

One of Treutlen's First Place winners.

Treutlen Elementary School students did very well with their Science Fair exhibits which were at Dublin Mall during the week. Many students, parents, and friends have attended, and good compliments are being passed around on Facebook.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

1986 End of Season

86 0226 04
February 26, 1986

Perfect photo to illustrate defeat and the end of basketball season. Bible Baptist trounced Treutlen and later did the same thing to Jenkins County. For the record, Joe Moore was the coach. Nuff said.

Others that week: FFA farm animals, donkey basketball, Teacher Day Proclamation, FBLA, Junior High Basketball Girls, stadium rails installed, new deluge gun for firemen.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

1981 TPS Program

81 0225 06
February 25, 1981

I must have made at least one picture of everybody who passed through the school system during the years I was working with the Soperton News, because each Primary School class had a program each year.  Most of the time we concentrated on the students on stage, but this rare time we shot part of the crowd, and some of the children were more interested in the photographer than what was happening on stage. So a lot of full-grown 35 year old "children" still call me "Picture Man".  I've been rather lazy about identifying each class, simply recording the shots as "TPS program".

Others that week: Basketball, state welcome center personnel at our center, big squash, Charles Zeigler with Mr. Glisson in ag class, top conservationists, Dr. McNair, Nursing Home residents Edward Love, Mae Ella Shurling, Chester Sumner, TES Semester Honor Roll group and individual, Pharis Jenning with Mary Ann Hutcheson, Bill Clontz, Dale Hooks, Danny Shepherd with steer.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1976 Soperton Garden Club Donates Books

76 0225
February 25, 1976

The Soperton Garden Club donated books about poisonous plants to Treutlen Primary School, Mrs. Inez Keen, Principal.  Left to right: Neva Williamson, Mrs. Keen, Dicy Kate Gillis, Lula Wommack, and Rose Hawkins.

Others that week: Eli Branch at age 102, Conservation Awards, Aerial shots of I-16 at US 221 (by Gene Bowers), Basketball, big bass by Jean French and Mrs. Lester Gillis, yellow jacket nest, FFA proclamation, Russell-Fullerton Chevrolet - Cadillac at Vidalia, James Windsor.

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YOU ARE THERE - February 26, 1986

Owen Thomason led his FFA students to provide a farm animal petting zoo for TPS students.

The Soperton Fire Department tried out the new deluge gun.

Windsor's column: It was the 100th anniversary of Progressive Farmer, and the magazine asked Charles Kuralt to write about Southern rural life.

Ricks's column: Giants of Journalism, new inductees to Georgia's Hall of Fame: Joseph Parham, Marvin Griffin, Ron Autry,  and John Eldridge Drewry.

Whatever happened to all the school campus trees that were planted for Arbor Day?

Sara Cook, Cayce Cook, and Mrs. Lillian Flury set out for Cancun, Mexico, a prize from the Tastee Freez Giveaway.

Junior High girls won first in the Adrian basketball tournament.

Mason Mosley died February 23, at the VA Center at age 60.

Frank Radford wrote a letter of appreciation, noting his retirement from the cleaners with wishes to serve full-time as Mayor again.

Under the leadership of Coach Joe Moore, the Vikings ended their basketball season with a loss, 72-58, to Bible Baptist.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 25, 1981

Brantley and W. C. Ricks were the top conservationists.

Donnie Cammack was elected to fill the vacancy in City Council due to resignation of Councilman Bob Sanford who became Mayor.  Johnny B. Johnson lost that time but was elected later and is still a Council member in 2011.

Windsor reprinted a column by Roy Chalker about "making 'rangements," which old-time farmers had to do every year with their bankers.

Ricks wrote about Jimmy Carter, Bert Lance, and Ronald Reagan.

Announcement was made of the upcoming marriage, April 5, of Debbie Carol Joiner and John Koon.

"Coot Riddle" died at the Wrightsville Nursing Home.  Her real name was Mrs. Mary Riddles. Arrangements by Hodges.

Pharis Jennings won the $100 first prize in the 6th annual Cherry Bake with her Cherry Banana Split.

The Vikings made the Region Playoffs.

Two good movies were playing in Vidalia. Both are frequently seen on TV 30 years later: 9 to 5 and Stir Crazy.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Worth Repeating: February 13-19

Some of the stuff posted on my Facebook profile last week:

Sunday, February 13
February 13, 1867": Johann Strauss' magnificent "Blue Danube Waltz" was played for the first time at a public concert in Vienna, Austria.
Johann Strauss II's most famous Waltz, Originally named " On the Beautiful Blue Danube " - An der schönen blauen Donau - is a very popular piece and still played till today, it has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of music in the classical repertoire. 

Monday, Febuary 14

Spanish Moss Festival
Saturday, March 5, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Little Ocmulgee State Park and Lodge - Helena
Bring your family to enjoy food and craft vendors. Activities include a kids train ride, reptile show and "walk on the water" pool. There will also be performances by local bands, cloggers and Zumba dancers. $5 parking. (229) 868-7474.
Explore more than 77,500 acres of natural beauty from the Georgia Coast to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We have a new slide show of the TES Science Fair which you can watch on my blog or you may go directly to the web album. 

Isakson, Chambless, Kingston, and Barrow support harbor expansion. Could be good for I-16 and our railroad.
The Maritime Executive :: Article and news about Delegation United in Fight for Savannah Harbor Expansion

Tuesday, February 15
Today, the Lexmark online technician and I got my scanner going. First I scanned a photo of the late Larry Joe Newsome, shaped it up a bit and ready to print, after I buy an ink cartridge. Then I scanned the booklet and saved it in my Picasa web albums, so now the whole world can read it. Also it's listed on Favorite Links on the sidebar of my blog. I hope to scan more as time goes on.
Photos by Bill Ricks, F

Wednesday, February 16
Sounds to me like all Americans have a welfare mentality, but some won't admit it.
As unhappy as Americans claim to be about the government's red ink, surveys show voters want more government than they're willing to pay for.

I like this site for a fast scroll & read.

Jack E Josey Jr - Just watched your salute to Buddy Holly. Linda Ronstadt did a great job on that classic. Buddy would be proud. You have created a fantastic library of good music with fresh visuals. I hadn't realized how tall Buddy was until I saw the shot of him with Ed Sullivan.
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Did you know that legal notices are online courtesy of the GPA?
S11-16 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS GEORGIA, TREUTLEN COUNTY All creditors of the estate of ALICE ELEANOR WILLIAMS, deceased, late of Treutlen County, Georgia, are hereby notified to render in their demands to the undersigned according to law...

Thursday, February 17

Higher percentages of employment for blacks and hispanics. Is there a reason? A legal reason?
WASHINGTON — Are companies saying no to jobless applicants when there are job openings? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's widespread and could violate federal job

While most publications are going paperless, these will be printing at the Macon Telegraph basement. Look where the Telegraph is being printed.
A company formed by publishers of four weekly Middle Georgia newspapers have cranked back up the presses in The Telegraph basement.

If you're old enough and read between the lines, this article hints at the roots of the former Baptists and today's Baptists. Mercer is true to the Baptist heritage of freedom and autonomy. The new thing is the old thing based in racism.
The American dream did not quite live up to reality for Sam Oni when he arrived in Macon in 1963.

Saturday, February 19

Should you spend your money on a home security system? A look inside a burglar's mind might help you decide.

The "infallible Word of God".
John 1:1 talks about the Word of God, and He is Jesus. The living Savior who is infallible in every way and every day. The Word that we know best.
Still cleaning files, and found this juicy gem from an historical Baptist.
Infallible has two meanings; one is "without error" the other that "it fulfills its intended function." A dull knife can be an infallible knife if you use it to cut butter. You will weaken the statement by putting in that word. 

Video shot before Phillip Jennings' crop was full height for the Miscanthus Field Day Harvest. Check this and related YouTubes. Field Day was covered on TREUTLEN E-NEWS (search word: miscanthus).
Many Americans would love not to be dependent on foreign oil energy sources. But most people can only think about energy independence. In this report, the Monitor's Ryan Naquin explains how one Georgia farmer has actually jumped into the bio-fuels arena and he's not looking back.

Scriptural support for a fair minimum wage:
1 Timothy 5:18
18 For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.

What's legal or not? You may be surprised.
The place of religion in the nation's public schools continues to general legal rules and policy guidelines for school administrators, teachers, parents and others regarding religion in public schools. It focuses on the constitutional mandate of separation of church and state as it applies to the

The Census figures for Georgia have not been released and may not be released until late March. Law requires that they be released by April 1 in order for work to begin on Congressional Districting. In some of the prior census the data was out by early January.
Data Release Process: 1. Pre-release announcement — A week ahead, we'll announce which states to anticipate the following week. (Subscribe to receive the media advisories. [media | non-media].) 2. Shipment to State Leadership — We'll ship the data to the state leadership (ex. governor, majority and

A big improvement for Veterans in Atlanta. Way to go Secretary Shinseki!
AUSTELL, Ga. (AP) -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has moved an outpatient clinic from Smyrna to nearby Austell to make room for an increase in patients.