Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Poll - Result and Goodbye

We asked "Who should run E-911?"
Sheriff Department ----------- 60%
County Fire Departments --- 20%
An elected 911 board -------- 20%

We've tried out the weekly poll for a month. Not many showed interest. That includes me, too. Goodbye to you, Old Poll!

1985 Region Champs

85 0227
February 27, 1985

Treutlen fans packed their side of the gym at Metter, as the Vikings won another Region Championship in basketball.

Others that week: Sheriff Hooks earned training certificate, Training Center, Bridget Henry posed with early flowers, grass fire consumed an outhouse, Jim Warnock and Linda Taylor OICs at Vidalia and Soperton, FFA animals.

1980 Faster than Hershel

80 0227
February 27, 1980

Hershel Walker was the most famous high school athlete in the nation. The Johnson County, Georgia, native was running touchdowns and leaving defensive players lying on the ground. Treutlen brought in extra bleachers to host Hershel in the football playoffs, but Hershel and his team clobbered us. But down in Claxton it was a different story in basketball. Ricky Miller soared behind Hershel's back. The Vikings overcame an 8-point disadvantage, and Glenn Williams sunk the final basket to win, 51-49. Except for the track teams, it was the first Region Championship by Treutlen in many years.

Others that week: Exhibits, 11 pound turnip, kids playing, and cheerleaders.

1975 Beta Conventioneers

75 0226
February 26, 1975

The Beta Club members who attended the State Convention were (l-r) seated: Ilene Bell, Elizabeth Blair, Melanie Martin. Standing front: Janice Walden (sponsor), Priscilla Crumpler, Jean Steptoe, Gloria Burns, Rebekah Brooks, and Joann Mimbs. Back standing: Kelly O'Conner, Sammy Holton, Ricky Mimbs, Gary Brinson, Rick Harrell, Roger Warnock, and Johnny Moxley.

Others that week: Conservation awards, social science fair, Fulford and Smith, TPS program, FFA parent and son, police cars repainted.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Feature - Picasa Photo Stream

Images posted on my blog go automatically into a Picasa web album. We've added a gadget to show a few thumbnail samples. You can click on any you like to see it larger. It connects directly to the Picasa album, where you can peruse all of the 500+ pictures. It's right under the words from Christ.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Reader Tips

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All comments are moderated (It doesn't matter whether or not we agree with them, but language and attitude should be civil. Nothing written that would shame your Mama or Preacher.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekly Poll - Result

Q: What is your opinion of City-County merger?

A: For - 80%   Against - 20%

Suggest a subject for the weekly poll. Make a comment.

1985 Cheerleaders

85 0220
February 20, 1985

From sweaters and below-knee full skirts to sleeveless and gym-style wear, cheerleader attire has changed over the years, reflecting the growing athleticism of cheerleaders themselves. Tumbling and gymnastics are being used more, as there are cartwheels, pyramids, and choreography being used.

Others that week: Basketball, 4-H Bulldog  Quiz Bowl, FFA Week, FBLA conference,  Jim L. Gillis, Jr., and an accident on GA 46 at the Red Bluff Creek bridge.

Did you know that you can download or print photos from Bill Ricks of Soperton?
Give copies to your friends.  Call about high quality enlargements.

1980 Cheerleaders

80 0220
February 20, 1980

Remember pep rallies? In the 1960s, a highlight of each Friday afternoon, after a hard week of study, everybody gathered in the cafeteria to get stirred up for Friday night. As the noise got louder it became time for the favorite cheer - homegrown. First led by Joan Posey (Cammack) followed a few years later by Frances Radford (Johnson). Are you ready?
"Little red rooster, sittin' on the fence, crowed for (opponent), and hasn't crowed since!" Cheers and cheerleaders may adjust styles, but the beat goes on....and on.

Others that week: Basketball, Conservation awards, Will Peterson and David Sanford, Melissa Smith's 80th birthday, Nursing Home dinner, TPS program, log rolling, STARs Bobby Burns and John Lee.

Did you know that you can download or print photos from Bill Ricks of Soperton?
Give copies to your friends.  Call about high quality enlargements.

Addendum: Names provided by Cathy M. Pace-  Lisa M. Edwards (photos), Mary Morris, Patti Sumner Heaton (photos), Cathy M. Pace (photos), Helen Miller (photos), Betty Sue Mclendon, Ma Helen Braddy (photos)Karen McDaniel Foskey, Martha Hutcheson, Sheila Meeks Raiford, Shakenia Smith.

1975 Cheerleaders

75 0219
February 19, 1975

Cheerleaders. What would the world be without them? They inspire the student body and fans. When the going gets tough, the toughest are those who keep up the spirits. We salute the cheerleaders of all generations!

Others that week: Basketball, Boy Scouts, Eli Branch birthday, pageant, TPS program, Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, Warnock-Wood Reunion, TES program, other TES pix.

Did you know that you can download or print photos from Bill Ricks of Soperton?
Give copies to your friends.  Call about high quality enlargements.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Important Meeting Scheduled

Notice from Kathryn Fowler: Treutlen County Historical Society meets at the Library at 2:30 p.m., Sunday March 7th. Make plans now.

Did you know that the Historical Society has been serving Treutlen County for over 30 years. That makes it a piece of history!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Poll - Soperton/Treutlen Merger

Mr. Jack Hollister is campaigning for combining city and county services.  Several citizens have suggested we have a poll. Comments may be made, too.

Check out the snow pictures on:

William A. Ricks

Saturday, February 13, 2010

1985 Bunker Hill Climber

85 0213 01
February 13, 1980

A group of TPS students were thoroughly enjoying the school's new Bunker Hill Climber. Who do you recognize?

Others that week: Basketball, THS, birthday of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. "Rabbit" Morris, the former home of Cue Ed Walker family burned on Crooked Run Road, First Baptist ski trip, anti-drug program initiated, local black leaders honored, firemen held GEMA meeting, fire at Adrian Road tobacco barn, double-wide home blew apart while in transport.

1980 Sweetheart Pageant

80 0213 02
February 13, 1980

The THS Sweetheart Pageant had five dozen entrants until was narrowed down to one dozen semi-finalists.

Others that week: Basketball! Students at Suburban Printing, another wreck at GA 46/GA 29, basketball, pictures of old bank building.

1975 Cameron Store

75 0212 07
February 13, 1975

Before the Treutlen County Senior Center was built, a feed and seed store stood at the Adrian Road site. First operated by Madlyn Meeks, it became Cameron. Every Tuesday there was a call to the newspaper: "This is Jack Cameron of Cameron's in Cadwell," calling in his weekly specials.

Others that week: Science Fair, I-16, Masons banquet, Scout Court of Honor, Basketball, THS - 2 groups, repair on GA 46 bridge, FFA barbecue, FFA proclamation, Will Peterson.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Improving Your Pictures

One of the ways of improving your pictures is to study pictures that are attractive to you.
For example, this one which appeared in the TREUTLEN E-NEWS.

It has excellent composition, cropping, and lighting.

It follows the "rule of thirds" of composition: Divide the viewing frame into thirds (looks like a tic-tac-toe puzzle).

Notice the lines: Vertical tree trunks in the top third, diagonal ditch and shadows in the bottom two thirds.

Deer looks clean. No clutter in sight.

Nice triangle keeping attention inside the frame: Mitchell's face to Marley's face following arm and antlers to deer face and back up to Mitchell's face.

Side lighting a plus, brings out shapes.

Feel the season, clear blue sky, sharp sunlight, leaves and grass of the yard, yellowing of the woods.

Can't you just feel it!

My aim is to help people to understand and use photography just as they do with spoken and written words.

Comments and discussions appreciated.

William A. Ricks

Monday, February 8, 2010

1985 Good Fishin'

85 0206 02
February 6, 1985

It was a great week for catchin' 'em. Robby Wadley, John Warren, Gainer Wicker, and Chester Wadley brought in a big string of bream and Duck Wadley singlehandedly caught another big string.

Others that week: Basketball, TPS kids, Black History Month, Perry Blount retired as mail carrier.

William A. Ricks

1980 Good Day for a Walk

80 0206 09
February 6, 1980

Mr. Glisson's outdoor education class hiked all the way from THS to Sweat's Barbecue at Orland.

Others that week: Carolyn Heath and Mickey Palmer estate planning seminar, Herbert Burns, Donkey Basketball, team whistle, Judy Brantley Corbin's seamstress store, TPS Program, DAR Awardees Sherry Williamson and Chuck Sumner, Black History proclamation, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. "Rabbit" Morris, fire in camper at Leo Mimbs' church.

William A. Ricks

1975 Scouts with Congressman

75 0205 02b
February 5, 1975

Eighth District Congressman Bill Stuckey of Eastman met with Soperton Boy Scouts Jimmy Brantley, Chuck and John Ellington at the awards ceremony in Macon.

Others that week: TES photos, Clark, Arelia Carter, Janice Bell and Basketball.

William A. Ricks

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Poll - Superbowl Onside Kick

You're invited to vote on this week's Poll.

You saw the Superbowl and who will ever forget the onside kick to begin the second half.

Watch it again on YouTube:

Only one ground level replay was shown on TV, which left some doubt and controversy to the official call, which was not reviewed.

Your opinion is important. Please make your choice. Poll closes Friday at 9 p.m.

William A. Ricks

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poll Results - New School Location

Six votes were cast in our toll, which closed today.
Only 1 (16%) voted for the  location on GA 29 near the new ethanol plant.
One (16%) voted for anywhere except GA 29N.
Two (33%) voted for inside Soperton.
Three (50%) were more specific, voting for the front lawn of the high school.

This is only the second poll conducted by Bill Ricks of Soperton.
We hope the polls will be useful in days to come. Suggestions are welcome.

William A. Ricks

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have You Spammed Your Friends?

Google and Facebook were blameless. It was the nut behind the wheel. The idea came out of nowhere, so I give the Lord the credit and praise. Facebook messages hadn't been arriving on my Google email. I learned that the problem originated January 16. No fb messages until this week.

I enquired of facebook friends and checked many settings, to little avail. Then, one day the epiphany happened.

Don't be paranoid as I had been for over two weeks. If all of a sudden, usual friends' mail to you stops, just don't assume that the friend or friends dropped you. It could be a user error.

On Gmail at the top left are side-by-side buttons for Archive, Report Spam, and Delete. I save some messages after I read them, but I delete most of them. On Jan. 16, I "deleted" two facebook messages, but the hand and mouse clicked the wrong button, Report Spam.

Hardly ever does one look inside the spam box, but I was led to do that, and, behold, my incoming facebook messages were there. Took a while just to return all them to the inbox, and I'm still catching up.

TIP: Check your spam every month to make sure you haven't accidentally spammed an email friend.

William A. Ricks

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 5th Last Day To Vote on School Location

Do you like the site of the proposed school on the Dublin Road, or would you like it better in Lothair, Zaidee, Gillis Springs,  or whatever.....
Make your choice on Friday or be uncounted. Poll closes automatically.
Comments invited, too.