Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Neighborhood Progress

Progress on my former back yard: After clearing and grading, Sammons Funeral Home is paving their new parking lot. A great improvement in the neighborhood.

Signs from the Signman 11/26/08

Double-R-Signs. Have a great Turkey Day.

Tarrytown authors having book signing Sat. 2-6 p.m. Jennifer's Florist.

Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome home Suzanne Harrell Perry and family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Signs from the Signman 11/24/08

Autographed Copies of Cynthia Reese's latest book, "For the Sake of the Children" at Soperton Pharmacy.

Signs from the Signman 11/22/08

Thanksgiving is next week. Run, turkey, run.

Signs from the Signman 11/20/08

Pendleton Creek Choir to sing on thebanks of Pendleton Creek.

Reindeer Trials to pull Santa's sleigh start 12-1-08. Watch out for them.

Turkey Cooking 101 only at Crow Mart.

1978 Number One Pee Wees

78 1122 05
November 22, 1978
The Soperton Pee Wees were first in the Jaycees Tournament at Metter. These kids are now pushing age 40. Team members included Glynn Wiggins, Larry Worthy, Freddie Boyer, Blake Dennard, Mitch Fulmer, Francois Johnson, Brad Kelly, Kendall Mimbs, Jason Evans, Alex Wheeler, Ronald Nobles, Brian Bowers (MVP), Tyrone Harden, Rod Mincy, Barry Stokes, Barry Norris, Michael Hutcheson, Neil Gillis, Marcus Hurdle, Scotty Edge, Randy Phillips, Telmega Allen, Rodney Meeks, Cha Cha Nobles, Buddy Rogers, Kelvin Mills, Willie Shivers, Barry Driggers, Mike Ashner, Leonard Blankenship, Managers Butterball Sumner & Terrace Issac, and Coach Wayne Sumner.

Others that week: Varsity basketball, schools pageant contestants, Nursing Home, TPS kids, TPS programs, 4-H banquet.

Monday, November 17, 2008

1978 Historical Society Charter Meeting

78 1115 01
November 15, 1978
F. Ross Holland was speaker at the organizational meeting of the Treutlen County Historical Society. There were 180 charter members. President Clayton Stephens served until his death 11 years ago. Holland and Stephens were framed by the columns of the Fowler-Lawton House which became the J. Clayton Stephens Museum of Local History.

Others that week: Historical Society, football with Savannah Country Day, Baptist Acteens, Cheryl Peterson entertained at Lions Club, American Education Week at TES, TPS program, TPS kids, deer kill by Eddie Hall, railroad crossing repairs, house construction.

Signs from the Signman 11/17/08

Reindeer Trials to pull Santa's sleigh starts 12-1-08. Watcj pit fpr them.

Turkey Eating Contest at Crow-Msart!Thanksgiving Eve. Bring your own turkey.

Signs from the Signman 11/16/08

Congratulations to Josh Byrd. Makes GA Southern baseball team.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Signs from the Signman 11/14/08

Book Signing. Bob Green. Hometown Boy. Sat. Nav. 15 1-3 p.m. Dennard Drugs.

Brandon Norris USMC graduated 11-7-08 from Parris Island. Congratulations!

In honor of American Enterprise Day, Treutlen High FBLA thanks all local businesses.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Signs from the Signman 11/11/08

To all the Treutlen supporters of President-Elect Obama: Thank you from Nathaniel Baldwin.

Friday, November 7, 2008

1978 Guzman Family at Million Pines Festival

78 1108 33
November 8, 1978
Dr. Gerardo Guzman and family at the Million Pines Festival.

Others that week: Lots of Festival Fotos, football game, deer kill, James Merritt, Primary kids, TES kids.

A Great Day at Crow-Mart 11/07/08

The temperature today in Soperton is predicted to be a high of 80 degrees, so some of the Crow-Mart gang were sitting on the outside pew in their short-sleeve shirts. Signs in the window advertise some of the stock-in-trade --- everything from fish bait to new mattresses. Ballroom dancing lessons are seasonal.
L-R: Buddy Byrd, Crow Moxley, and Jack Lawrence. Kennon Peebles (as usual) was the only one working inside the store.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jean Gillis Park

It's a beautiful day in Soperton, and the leaves in Jean Gillis Park are at their peak. The Dave Gillis log house is the oldest house in Soperton, even older than the town. It once stood near South Third Street, what was the road from Mount Vernon through the land which became Soperton. The railroad station and the new town was named for Benjamin Franklin Soper, who was associated with the railroad.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Signs from the Signman 11/05/08

Thank U for your support. From John Barrow.

Congratulations to Sheriff Corbin.4 more years.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Signs from the Signman 11/03/08

Christmas at Dennard Drugs.

Happy 40th Birthday, Melanie Graham. Love, Cody / Alexis.

Signs from the Signman 11/02/08

Christmas Open House. Sat. and Sun. at Dennard Drugs. 20% Discount with Festival Ticket.

You missed Country Wares Antiquues, Walden's Way Jewelry. Hwy 29S 912-529-3113.

Christmas Open House. Sat. and Sun. at Dennard Drugs. 20% Discount with Festival Ticket.

Country Wares Antiques, Walden's Way Jewelry. Thru Town at City Limits. Yard Sale Sat.

1978 Peach Bowl Contestant

78 1101 12
November 1, 1978
The Soperton Lions Club entered a contestant in the District Peach Bowl Pageant, and she represented her community right well. Sue Powell (Brewton) was accompanied by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Alton Powell, Lions John Lee, A. D. Joiner, and Lions President Bill Ricks (behind the camera).

Others that way: Jaycees House of Horrors, football with Portal, TG&Y Halloween winners, Forestry Pageant, Community Service Center, Jimmy Scott with big deer, Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Warnock, Lions Club meeting, Primary kids, Junior Beta officers, FFA officers, TPS Halloween program.

Patriotic Motorcyclist

A patriotic motorcyclist found some shade at McLeod's to take a break last week.