Monday, November 24, 2008

1978 Number One Pee Wees

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November 22, 1978
The Soperton Pee Wees were first in the Jaycees Tournament at Metter. These kids are now pushing age 40. Team members included Glynn Wiggins, Larry Worthy, Freddie Boyer, Blake Dennard, Mitch Fulmer, Francois Johnson, Brad Kelly, Kendall Mimbs, Jason Evans, Alex Wheeler, Ronald Nobles, Brian Bowers (MVP), Tyrone Harden, Rod Mincy, Barry Stokes, Barry Norris, Michael Hutcheson, Neil Gillis, Marcus Hurdle, Scotty Edge, Randy Phillips, Telmega Allen, Rodney Meeks, Cha Cha Nobles, Buddy Rogers, Kelvin Mills, Willie Shivers, Barry Driggers, Mike Ashner, Leonard Blankenship, Managers Butterball Sumner & Terrace Issac, and Coach Wayne Sumner.

Others that week: Varsity basketball, schools pageant contestants, Nursing Home, TPS kids, TPS programs, 4-H banquet.

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