Monday, June 29, 2009

Transition in Progress

I just uploaded the last batch of signs using the new iMac. The scanner problem is a long time being resolved. This afternoon I finished selecting photos, wrote and rewrote a story about the Sign Man and posted on his TREUTLEN E-NEWS site. Hee-hee-hee, He never shoulda let me get his password. Maybe he will like it.

I've carefully registered the iMac along with the Apple Care Protection Plan. Next is to figure out the 500 gig My Book hard drive and download all the files from the old Powerbook---if the decrepit beast doesn't crash.

Signs from the Sign Man 06/15/09 - 06/29/09

Monday, June 15, 2009


Have you tried fixing your own computer? Sheeesh! Technology is wonderful when it works. A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, my negative scanner went on the blink. The machine comes on and seems fine, but the Scanning Console window has disappeared. It's the thing on the screen that you have to click on to make the scanner work.

Now that I have bit the bullet and bought higher speed DSL, I am able to use the Nikon website for trouble-shooting. I've learned to use internet because telephone conversation is virtually impossible to use with my southern drawl and a receptionist in the Phillipines. In recent internet shopping, my package was shipped to 9th Street instead of Main Street. Thank the Lord that UPS and FedEx people speak southern. Also lucky that the numbered streets in my town go no higher than Fourth Street.

After a few days of struggle with Nikon technical service I concluded that it was too nerdy for me to understand, although I confess to be a nerd to some degree.

I sent a few dollars to another trouble-shooting site, and they are already offering more possibilities than the company with the Cadillac image that built the scanner.

The scanner still ain't working so I won't be able to provide those good ol' 30-year and 35-year photos that we love so well.

Do you know a local expert who speaks Mac and Nikon?

Bill Ricks of Soperton


Signs from the Sign Man 06/06/09 - 06/15/09

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sherman's March through Georgia

Crow Moxley's "Crow's Nest" is almost exactly where Sherman's troops used a pontoon bridge to cross the Ogeechee River. The historic map and story are displayed at the intersection of GA 56 and the Old Savannah Road. Read on:

The Native American trail crossing at Georgia ighway 56 (itself a 19th century road) was a major route in colonial times. It is named the "Old Savannah Road." Starting in Savannah, it crossed the Ogeechee River, running west and south of it, then through Sandersville, ending at another trail at Rock Landing on the Oconee River, just south of Milledgeville. Much of the road is still in use.

During Union Major General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea, between November 15 to December 21, 1864, he accompanied his 17th Corps,led by Major General Francis P.Blair, Jr.,, from Tennille to Pooler (near Savannah).. Encamping the evening of November 29 approximately ten miles west of here along the Old Savannah Road, the 17th Corps entered this intersection on the afternoon of November 30.From here it turned north to cross the Ogeechee River and camp at Burton (now Midville), Station 9 1/2 on the Central of Georgia Railroad. The 17th Corps continued through Millen, following roads on the east side of the Ogeechee River to Savannah.

This region is called both "Wiregrass" and Pine Barrens." Major Henry Hitchcock, a member of Sherman's staff,describes the area in his diary, "All through this pine country there are better farms than we expected, and large stores of corn, fodder, and potatoes (sweet), but Lt.Snelling tells me that this is true only along the main roads and that off of these, there are either no farms or mere patches..." Foraging was common throughout this area.

The other half of Sherman's "Right Wing", the 15th Corps,led by Major General Peter J.Osterhaus and accompanied by Right Wing commander Major General Oliver O. Howard,had marched east on trails to the south of the Old Savannah Road, having considerable difficulty finding their way through pine forests. Maps were useless, and few local residents either could or would provide directions. Two 15th Corps divisions,commanded by Brigadier Generals John M. Corse and Charles R. Woods, camped on November 30 just east of this intersection, after passing through the same afternoon. The next day, Corse and Woods followed the Old Savannah Road east and south on the western side of the Ogeechee River,finally crossing near Savannah.The other two 15th Corps divisions, those of Brigadier General William B. Hazen andJohn E. Smith, camped at Summerville (now Summertown), 3 miles south of here. They then turned south from Summerville, marching through Statesboro on roads approximating Georgia Highway 192 and U. S. Highway 80, to the Savannah area.


Signs from the Sign Man 05/09/09 - 06/05/09

Due to our recent technical difficulties we are not able to display photos of all the recent signs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

1979 THS Graduation

79 0530 02
May 30, 1979
The 1979 Honor Graduates were (left to right): Jimmy Edmond Hutcheson, Frances Sweat, James Ricky Reese, Angelia Carol Braddy, Suzanne Harrell, Mary Barbara Brantley, Don Thurman Johnson, Marcie Blanche Salter, Angelia Kay Meeks, Paula Jean Bowers, Pamela Carman Heath.

The members of the THS Class of 1979 were:

Stanley Bernard Alderman, Terry Marie Atkins, Eugene Kennice Beacham, Jr., Antonius Laffette Blair, Paula Jean Bowers, Noah Dale Boyette, Angelia Carol Braddy, Mary Barbara Brantley, Ricky Lamar Brooks, Cheryl Lynn Burns,

Robert Hugene Burns, Jr., Shufrounia Victoria Castleberry, Marquinta Rena Ceasar,James Elbert Clements, George Kelly Collins, Connie Lagail Cox, Sidney Shane Davis, Daniel Garland Donaldson,Terry Frances Drawdy,

Danny Fred Dukes, Jeffery Lynn Durden, Toni Ann Everett, Ray Dean Fordham, Sherri Adel Gillis, Terri Idella Gillis, Joseph Junior Griffin, Jerry Anthony Habersham, Jackie Lash Harper, Yolunda Venise Harper,

Suzanne Harrell, Pamela Carman Heath, Terri Marie Hester, Veronica Clarissa Holton, Veronica Clarissa Holton, Jimmy Edmond Hutcheson, Mark Aaron Hutcheson, Don Thurman Johnson, Frank Daniel Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson,

Lori Jean Johnson, Robin Lynn Keegan, Sharol Lynn King, John Owens Koon, Evenda Renae Little, Mitchell Glenn Manning, Lucille Dawn McCranie, Angelia Kay Meeks, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Shelby Jean Miller,

Gregory Feshay Nobles, Massie Lynn Phillips, Dale Alexander Philyaw, Melanie Denise Posey, Catherine Leevien Powell,James Ricky Reese, Elizabeth Renfroe, Brenda Faye Walker Richards, Patricia Eileen Richards,

Marcie Blanche Salter, Jo Ann Shivers, Margaret Victoria Smith, Felton Odell Strickland, Earl Damon Sumner, Frances Sweat, Kathleen Thigpen, Danny J. Thomas, Danneil Glen Toler, Kay Sandra Tompkins,

Jennifer Stephanie Wadley, Winifred Wadley, Edward Walker, Jellont Jerry Walker, Jr., Jonathan Garland Warnock, Phillip Richard Warnock, Cheryl Lena Williams, Ronnie LeVell Williams, Sharon Denice Williams, Tracy Steven Willis, Kenneth Edwin Young.

Others that week: Mrs. Helen Perry, Sammy Graham, FBC communion set, FBC kitchen, Gene Brooks & Paul McCommon, kindergarten graduates, 5th grade softball, Yeomans & Brown men's softball team.

1974 THS Graduation

74 0529 08
May 29, 1974

1974 THS Honor Graduates, left to right:

John Pournelle, Denise Calhoun, Suzanne Sprayberry, Kay Rogers, Cathy Davis, Angie Nita Little, Victor Phillips.

The 46 graduating seniors for 1974 were:

Nthaniel Adams, Charles Anderson, Aaron Brantley, Arzula Brown, Denise Calhoun, Stevie Coleman, Cathy Davis, Mary Ann Flury, Earl French, Ruthie Jones Griner, Tommy Hardy, Johnny Harmon, Darby Harris, Greg Higgs,

Margie Hudson, Eric Hunter, Cynthia Johnson, Jose' Jones, Willie Pearl Knight, Angie Nita Little, Teresa Lumley, Mary Helen Martin, Nancy McEwen, Alan McLendon, John Miller, Kaye Moore, Wayne Morris, Chester Mosley,

Phil Moxley, Byron Page, Cheryl Peterson, Jim Phillips, Cathy Phillips, Victor Phillips, John Pournelle, Rudolph Renfroe, Kay Rogers, Gerald Salter, Elgie Smith, Suzanne Sprayberry, Elizabeth Strickland,

Sheila Strickland, Carol Sue Sweat, Cynthia Tennison, Elijah Toler, Phanetta Wilkes.

Others that week: Train-car wreck in Soperton, TES program, kindergarten graduates, Local government exhibits, retired teachers, an outhouse.

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