Monday, June 15, 2009


Have you tried fixing your own computer? Sheeesh! Technology is wonderful when it works. A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, my negative scanner went on the blink. The machine comes on and seems fine, but the Scanning Console window has disappeared. It's the thing on the screen that you have to click on to make the scanner work.

Now that I have bit the bullet and bought higher speed DSL, I am able to use the Nikon website for trouble-shooting. I've learned to use internet because telephone conversation is virtually impossible to use with my southern drawl and a receptionist in the Phillipines. In recent internet shopping, my package was shipped to 9th Street instead of Main Street. Thank the Lord that UPS and FedEx people speak southern. Also lucky that the numbered streets in my town go no higher than Fourth Street.

After a few days of struggle with Nikon technical service I concluded that it was too nerdy for me to understand, although I confess to be a nerd to some degree.

I sent a few dollars to another trouble-shooting site, and they are already offering more possibilities than the company with the Cadillac image that built the scanner.

The scanner still ain't working so I won't be able to provide those good ol' 30-year and 35-year photos that we love so well.

Do you know a local expert who speaks Mac and Nikon?

Bill Ricks of Soperton


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Joel Edge said...

You must have made quite an OS jump. Most of my junk works fine from back in OS 9. I still have an Epson flatbed that works great with OS X. Hopefully I'll get to use it this weekend.