Friday, June 5, 2009

1974 THS Graduation

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May 29, 1974

1974 THS Honor Graduates, left to right:

John Pournelle, Denise Calhoun, Suzanne Sprayberry, Kay Rogers, Cathy Davis, Angie Nita Little, Victor Phillips.

The 46 graduating seniors for 1974 were:

Nthaniel Adams, Charles Anderson, Aaron Brantley, Arzula Brown, Denise Calhoun, Stevie Coleman, Cathy Davis, Mary Ann Flury, Earl French, Ruthie Jones Griner, Tommy Hardy, Johnny Harmon, Darby Harris, Greg Higgs,

Margie Hudson, Eric Hunter, Cynthia Johnson, Jose' Jones, Willie Pearl Knight, Angie Nita Little, Teresa Lumley, Mary Helen Martin, Nancy McEwen, Alan McLendon, John Miller, Kaye Moore, Wayne Morris, Chester Mosley,

Phil Moxley, Byron Page, Cheryl Peterson, Jim Phillips, Cathy Phillips, Victor Phillips, John Pournelle, Rudolph Renfroe, Kay Rogers, Gerald Salter, Elgie Smith, Suzanne Sprayberry, Elizabeth Strickland,

Sheila Strickland, Carol Sue Sweat, Cynthia Tennison, Elijah Toler, Phanetta Wilkes.

Others that week: Train-car wreck in Soperton, TES program, kindergarten graduates, Local government exhibits, retired teachers, an outhouse.

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