Saturday, February 28, 2009

1979 Boys Basketball

79 0228 02
February 28, 1979
Coach Morgan's boys basketball team lost, 72-70, against Metter at the Georgia Southern gym. Metter beat Wheeler County to take the 3-A title.

Others that week: Winford Smith, tobacco warehouses, WYOK cherry bake, Mrs. Clifton Shurling at nursing home, 4-H hog competition, subscription sellers, Eagle Scout Tracy Willis.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Personal Thought 02/27/09

My Stimulus Package To Start

During the past 10 years I've needed a stimulus package, and this weekend it will arrive.

No particular credit to the new administration, but thanks to FDR and LBJ my financial survival looks better.

Since 1998 my medical premiums, deductibles, and overcharges have taken from one-third to one-half my total income each year.

In 2008, I started early withdrawing Social Security to finance my medical premium. Disability payments from my employer have kept me going.

My medical premium, due to increase to $1,100 per month in April, is a thing of the past. My Medicare supplement will be only $214 per month.

What a stimulus! Even on meager Social Security, I will be able to afford the new computer I've been needing for the past three years.

Socialism may be a bad thing for some people, but it's a big help when we need it.

1974 Girls Basketball

74 0227 09
February 27, 1974
Coach Berry's girls basketball team made it to State with a 37-36 win over Southeast Bulloch. Seeing action were Cathy Phillips, Shirley Coney, Darlene Curry, Annie Ruth McCloud, Arzula Brown, Linda Jordan, and Debbie Joiner.

Others that week: Soil Conservation Awards, Girl Scouts went to Savannah, TES photos, TPS program by Walden's second grade, Danny Duke, old bottle.

Signs from the Sign Man 02/25-27/09

Wedding Bells will be ringing for Chelsea - Justin. Friday 6 pm 2-27-09. Congratulations!!

When U think of Treutlen Co. U think of Buddy Rogers.

He's Back!! Golf Fans. Tiger.

Soperton Farm Center has fruit trees plus gardening tips.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Signs from the Sign Man 02/23/09

Happy 30 Anniversary Pam and Joe Moxley. Feb. of 79. Harmony Baptist.

Double-R-Signs. Happy Birthday Danny Sheppard, 2-23.

Double-R-Signs. God is in control. Proverbs 10:22.
(It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it. (New American Standard Bible)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1979 TES Semester Honor Roll

79 0221 03
February 21, 1979
Mr. Augustus McArthur presented Honor Roll certificates for first semester to, l-r, front: Beth Sumner, Shelia Fowler, Michelle Eisner, Tonya Gillis, Tammy Hooks, Mendy Walls, Mylinda Kight, Eddie Nobles. Back: Kregg Ricks, Robby Ware, Billy Barrett, Jason Smith, Paul Scott, Andrea Smith, Tony Graham, Cathy Brinson, and Yvette Gillis.

Others that week: Ice-sleet-snow storm, basketball, Recreation Center drain tiling installed, FHA Valentine tea for teachers, Association for Retarded Citizens membership, United Givers Fund, TPS kids, Sportsman's Club hunter safety, 4-H, Ronnie Green and Jackie Willis at Altamaha Bank.

Signs from the Sign Man 02/19-21/09

Double-R-Signs. The 49th Ricky Reese Birthday Bash. 2-22.

Jennifer Baker, a 2005 THS graduate. Career 1000 pts. basketball at Kennesaw State.

Happy Birthday Lauren Avery (02/19).

Friday, February 20, 2009

1974 Hospital Administrators

74 0220 04
February 20, 1974
The Treutlen County Hospital celebrated its 20th anniversary. L-R: Mrs. J. H. (Johnnie) Ricks - administrator for 18 years, Mrsa. J. C. (Nita) Stephens - the first administrator, and Wendell Standard - the newest administrator.

Others that week: Candy Stripers 4th anniversary, basketball, TPS Valentine program, Arbor Day, 4th grade baby chicks, TES February program, Warnock-Wood Reunion, Nursing Home.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Signs from the Sign Man 02/17-18/09

Which employee at Bank of Soperton has birthday Wednesday (02/18/09)?

Happy Birthday to Gloria Holt 2-18. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday John Travolta.

In 1979 Tommy Corbin (2009 Sheriff) was showing a raccoon in this front yard.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Signs from the Sign Man 02/15/09

Big Lou's Now Open. Daily Specials. M-F 11-3, Th-Sat 5-9, Sun 11-6.

Big Lou's Now Open. Second Street Bistro.

Treutlen Livestock Show. Tues Feb 17 4:30 at the High School.

THS FBLA. 13 going to state.

Pre-K Registration.

Happy Valentine's Day Mom - Dad from your loving son Tamereaus.

Big Lou's Now Open. Valentines Day Special. Sat 5-9 p.m.

Congratulations Buddy Rogers, Clerk of the Year, 8th Judicial Circuit.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

1979 Trappin' on the "hoopee

79 0214 06
February 14, 1979
Ronnie Phillips and Tommy Corbin showed off some of their trapping success, a bobcat and a racoon. In 2009, Tommy Corbin is the County Sheriff.

Others that week: Science and Social Science exhibits, Sweetheart Pageant, Basketball, Baseball team and coaches, Auction behind Brown's store (2009 location of Cowboy Carey's, Mrs. Joe Logan's 91st birthday, Jones & Thigpen at Lions Club, STARs Sweat and Brooks, UGA Redcoat picked Suzanne Harrell and Paula Bowers, DAR picks Tracy Willis and Carol Braddy.

1974 THS Cheerleaders

74 0213 03
February 13, 1974
THS Cheerleaders pep up the fans and teams when basketball was exciting.

Others that week: Basketball games, Million Pine City auto tags, exchange students, 2nd grade program, storage building, exhibits, big fish, Eli Branch, Mickey Palmer at Garden Club, Game Wardens, STARs Sprayberry and Walden.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Signs from the Sign Man 02/11/09

Shop Valentine's at Waldens Way Jewelry; Wares Antiques, Free Wrapn/Delivery. Open Thurs Fri Sat.

Shop Jennifer's Fllorist for Valentines. Roses, Balloons, Gift Baskets.

Treutlen Livestock Show 4:30 Tues Feb 17 at THS.

Pre-K Registration. Call Now.

Congratulations Treutlen FBLA. 9-1st, 4-2nd, 4-3rd, 2-4th. 13 Go To State.

Word of the Day: Anyhow.

CrowMart Ice Fishing Contest Postponed.

Bake a Cake Feb 13-14 for George Masters at Soperton Farm Center.

Friday, February 6, 2009

1979 Big Blue Catfish

79 0207 13
February 7, 1979
Rojo and Mike Peterson caught over a hundred pounds of Blue Catfish in the Oconee River. Biggest one was over 47 pounds. Their father, Eddie Roy, helped them.

Others that week: Moving the I. H. Hall house, Soil Conservation awards, Donkey Ball, Basketball, Training Center visited state legislature, ACS plaque, J. B. Conner's birthday, majorettes, state GAMA officers, Junior Viking basketball team, Black History Week.

1974 Downtown Rose Beds

74 0206 05
February 6, 1974
The Soperton Garden Club planted 270 rose bushes downtown. Those planted along the railroad are long gone, buth those at the courthouse have survived till present. The Zippy Mart was the first convenience store in Soperton. In 2009 there are six.

Others that week: Basketball at West Laurens, Donkey Basketball, Girl Scout Cookie Sale, Fifth grade ecology careers class designed by Sue McNair.

The color photo made in 2009 shows the approximate area of the 1974 rose bush project. The vertical rail fence at left and sidewalk cover the old rose bed. Parking spaces were eliminated in favor of a grassy park.

Signs from the Sign Man 02/06/09

Happy 12th Birthday, Jade Rogers, Feb 6.

Happy 13th Birthday, Diasia Mitchell on 2/6/09

Benefit Bake Sale for Tony Meeks Jr. Feb 7 8 a.m. til. Front of Piglet.

Shop for Valentines at Waldens Way Jewelry, Country Wares Antiques. Free Wrapping/Delivery. Open Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Double R Cemetery Grass Cutting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Local Scenes - unusual chimney

Was the brick mason a master of thrift in a depressed time? Or did he have another reason to turn bricks sideways. The base of the chimney is in the conventional way, and so is the top of the chimney. But the middle, straight section has sideways bricks, producing a thinner wall.
Will Peterson saw the remains of the old house and interesting chimney on Lothair Church Road, near the site of the old Orland Consolidate School.
The Sign Man thinks that his grandfather, a WWI veteran, lived in that house.