Friday, February 27, 2009

Personal Thought 02/27/09

My Stimulus Package To Start

During the past 10 years I've needed a stimulus package, and this weekend it will arrive.

No particular credit to the new administration, but thanks to FDR and LBJ my financial survival looks better.

Since 1998 my medical premiums, deductibles, and overcharges have taken from one-third to one-half my total income each year.

In 2008, I started early withdrawing Social Security to finance my medical premium. Disability payments from my employer have kept me going.

My medical premium, due to increase to $1,100 per month in April, is a thing of the past. My Medicare supplement will be only $214 per month.

What a stimulus! Even on meager Social Security, I will be able to afford the new computer I've been needing for the past three years.

Socialism may be a bad thing for some people, but it's a big help when we need it.

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