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1979 # 1 Fans

79 0829 02
August 29, 1979
J. E. and Jeanne McLendon at the rainy football game. Treutlen defeated Wadley, 34-0.

Others that week: Lothair UMC, Welcome Center, Lions Club, softball, pumpkins. Football history - special publication that week.

1974 Tennis Finals

74 0828 01
August 28, 1974
Tennis Finals
Class winners in the Tennis Finals, left to right: Ann Calhoun, Ella Brooks, Bobo McNair, Rick Harrell, Randy Dorsey, and Kennon Gillis.

Others that week: Tarrytown church pianists, puppies, Sound Off photos.

1979 - Class of 1959

79 0822 05
August 22, 1979
The THS Class of 1959 held their 20-year reunion. (Wonder if there will be a 50th?)
Twenty-four of 44 class members attended: Mary Nell Wyatt Clark, Betty Sue Braddy Daly, Patsy Spivey Lord, Brenda Garner Colston, Iverson Sanders, S. D. Hanson, Bobby Warnock, Earl Meeks, Jimmy Chafin, Ruby Johnson Adams, Monroe Moxley, Clayton Stephens, Faye Spivey Phillips, Jackie Brooks Braddy, Genelda Moseley Reese, Marilyn Ricks Mimbs, Beth Vanlandingham Campbell, LaGail Hall Davidson, Peggy Moore Wells, Jimmy Lawton, Felix Odom, Joe Mullis, Charles Johnson, and Jim Neal Simons.

Others that week: Children at church, new teachers, Lothair cemetery, Garners anniversary, Beta Sigma Phi, staff at Holiday Beach, family photos.

1974 Go-Cart in Town

74 0821 01
August 21, 1974
Young people with a legal go-cart (lights, roll bars). Police station annex under construction, old gas station, railroad storage house, activity at J.W.'s at the old Freezer Locker location.

Others that week: Clayton Stephens at the old polling places before the fire stations were built, children enjoying the railroad roses, tennis action, 4-H, newspaper staff picnic.

1979 New Fire Station

79 0815 04
August 15, 1979

Mayor Frank Radford, Councilman Curtis Thigpen, and workers at the beginning of construction of the new fire station, next to the new Flash Foods.

Others that week: Photos for football program, Six Flags coloring contest winners, football practice, family photos.

1974 5-Vehicle Wreck

74 0814 01
August 14, 1974

Only one person was hurt in a 5-vehicle accident on GA 46 at the bridge at Wildwood Lake. In 2009, the road is almost deserted, but before the completion of I-16, it was quite busy.

Others that week: John Ellington caught a record Wahoo on a family outing, pumpkins, Sound Off photos.

1979 Big Timber Rattler

79 0808 01
August 8, 1979

A timber rattlesnake, measuring between five and six feet was killed at the Thompson farm. Displayed by Johnny Pace and Jim Thompson.

Others that week: Helicopter landed to eat at Sweat's, women's softball, men's softball, Welcome Center, family photos.

Bicycle Races III

74 0807 01
August 7, 1974
The first Bicycle Races were in 1972, when Lester Maddox came and rode a bicycle backward in support of Sen. Hugh Gillis in one of the rares he had serious opposition. The second Race in 1973 was held around the Sparks-Warnock pond area. Race III was held under the lights at the stadium with over 500 paid attendance.
First place winners were Barbara Ethier, Lisa Hackle, David Ferguson, Cynthia Hall, Kermit Webb, Angie Meeks, Carl Blair, Jimmie Hester, Jerry Hester, Eleanor Ethier, Gene Hester. Winners of the bicycle raffle: Crow Moxley and Bubba Rogers.

Others that week: Candidate Harry Powell, 4-H bicycle classes, Lightning strike at Lanier house, Livestock Specialist Calvin Alford.

1979 Lions at Southeast Paper

79 0801 01
August 1, 1979

The Soperton Lions Club toured the Southeast Paper facility in East Dublin.

Others that were: Soperton Lions at Twin City, another accident at GA 29 & GA 46, house being moved.

Monday, August 17, 2009

TREUTLEN E-NEWS Still Evolving

A few adjustments in layout on Ricky Reese's TREUTLEN E-NEWS. Take a look at the Chief Advisor:

1974 Majorettes Attend Camp

74 0731
July 31, 1974
Ten Senior Majorettes returned from Valdosta State Twirling Camp. Left to right: Co-captain Suzanne Harrell, Lea Carter, Diana Ware, Sponsor June Harrell, Rebekah Brooks, Rita Drawdy, Captain Priscilla Crumpler, Nita Drawdy, Sherri Kight, Carol Braddy, Kay Rotton, and Mascot Regina Banes.

Others that week: Police station extension underway, auto accident, Sound Off photos, bicyle trophies for the big races.

1979 4-H Bike Riders

79 0725 02
July 25, 1979
4-H bike riders, with leaders Tracy McLendon and Terry Drawdy pedalled an 11-mile route and had a cookout at the McLendon home.

Others that week: Family photos, Malcolm Braddy's tomatoes, construction at NSI, majorettes, new THS classrooms.

1974 Big Oak Toppled

74 0724 01
July 24, 1974
The storm left the windmill standing, but it toppled the big oak at the Chap Thigpen place. Pictured are Sonya Lampp and her two Alabama cousins.

Others that week: Janie Thomas on trampoline, B. L. Powell's world's longest sausage, Little League at Metter, Kenny Dorsey, Joel Mullis, pea shelling, Sound Off, summer school, puppies at GFC headquarters, Jeanmarie Gillis and Anne Ricks working at Jekyll Island, Jean Ellington, Hazen kids with big sunflower, Scoouts, Sheriff Johnson, Mr. Garner's big squash.

1979 TES Walls Cleaned

79 0718 02
July 18, 1979
NYC workers with Mr. McArthur, cleaned the walls at TES.

Others that week: Another accident at GA 29 & GA 46, always the most dangerous intersection in town. Scouts cleaned up the Scott Cemetery, summer school, parking spaces eliminated in front of the Bank (South Second Street.)

1974 Potato Tomatoes

74 0717 01
July 17, 1974
M. A. Cox grew a strange vegetable with potatoes on the bottom and tomatoes on top. In 1974 we went to the county agent for an explanation. Now a few seconds and key strokes Wikipedia explains the seed pods:
"After potato plants flower, some varieties will produce small green fruits that resemble green cherry tomatoes, each containing up to 300 true seeds. Potato fruit contains large amounts of the toxic alkaloid solanine, and is therefore unsuitable for consumption."

Others that week: Summer school, Sound Off photos.

1979 July 4th Picnic

79 0711 04
July 11, 1979
For many years Clayton, Ling and William Stephens held a July 4th block party at Iva Park.

Others that week: Crowd pictures at the fireworks show, Little League teams, Skylab preparedness.

1974 Bus Station Needed

74 0710 04
July 10, 1974
For many years the Trailways bus stopped at the bus station in the J. C. Stephens building, but in 1974 there was no bus station. The bus stopped in the traffic on Main Street for passengers to load and unload. Later the bus stopped at Richard Lee Baker's station at the red light. I haven't scene a bus in Soperton for a long time.

Others that week: July 4th fireworks, picnic in park, canning plant, tomatoes. Sound Off photos of individual adults.

1979 Copeland Reunion

79 0704 01
July 4, 1979
The family reunion of Sarah and Andrew Copeland was held at the community house. Two of the daughters were still living.

Others that week: Soperton News sign on First Street (later MLK), tobacco farm tour at Manning Mimbs's, 4-H, Little League Teams, Scoout cookout, Lions officers.

1974 Outdoor Toilet

74 0703 03
July 3, 1974
If you smell the flowers, you are an optimist. If not, you may be a pessimist or a realist.
I made the photo at my aunt's house in Tarrytown. We chose it to illustrate a wonderful poem.

Go to:
for words, pictures and video.

Or try:
for bigger type and several examples of outdoor toilets.

Others that week: summer school, Lions Club officers, yet another accident at GA 29 & GA 46, housing project.

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1979 SHS Class of 1939

79 0627 02
June 27, 1979
SHS Class of 1939: front, l-r:l Jeanette Beasley Johnson - Soperton, Johnnie Graham Stern - Milledgeville, Eleanor Williams - Soperton, Dannie Gillis Hollis - Decatur, Roger Brinson - Tarrytown.
Second row: Earline Stanford Norcera - Tampa FL, Bessie Wilkes Shortridge - Jacksonville FL, Nelle Flanders Estes - St. Marys, Louise Smith Marsh - Statesboro, Nettie L. Atkins Beasley - Vidalia.
Third row: Aileen Phillips Anderson - Jesup, Nadine Darsey Johnson - Soperton, Sereca Spivey Dorsey - Soperton, Nola Mae Bridges Reynolds - Tarrytown.
Fourth row: Louise Hutcheson Edwards - Macon, Margaret Moseley Taylor - Tucker, Daisy Mae Sammons - Soperton, Robbie Lou Phillips - Soperton.
Fifth row: Ray Calhoun - Tarrytown, Eugene Morrison - Alameda CA, Thurman Calhoun - Lakeland FL, James McDonald - Savannah, Wallace Fields -Dallas TX, and Mrs. Helena Joubert Reeves, class sponsor - Dublin.

Others that week: Policeman Kenny Wickstrom, softball trophies, Sid Johnson and Joe Underwood, A. J. Hinson and Clayton Stephens at the Welcome Center construction, softball action.

1974 Mrs. Lavada Barwick

74 0626 01
June 26, 1974
Mrs. Lavada (George) Barwick, a grand lady: Charter member of the Soperton Garden Club with one of the prettiest yards in town, crossbred day lilies and named them, charter member of Treutlen County Historical Society, full of history herself. Made some of the prettiest Afghans. One of the first women to hold office, Clerk of Courts.

Others that week: I-16 construction, Little Leaguers, Richard Ware, Bernard Henry family, summer school, TES tennis courts, Group going to Europe and Middle East, Prizes for the upcoming Bicycle Races, Vera Spivey with a huge cabbage.

1979 THS Class of '69 Ten Year Reunion.

79 0620 04
June 20, 1979
THS Class of '69 Ten Year Reunion.

Others that week: TG&Y, news staff awards, cancer plaque, nursing home.


74 0619 03
June 19, 1974
SHS Class of 1949 Class, 25-Year Reunion, (left to right) Front row: Leatrice Brinson Kight, Agress Brantley Fulford, Joyce Phillips Demos, Joyce Henry Walker, Hazel Huette Lowery, Kathleen Gillis Brantley, June Duke Slater.
Second row: Ray Jackson, Huey Palmer, Betty Ruth Horton Palmer, Helen Brantley Brown, Peggy Wilkes Lindsey, Jeannette Collins Reule, Selma Lane Moncus, Elizabeth Ross Sherrod, Mildred Sessions, Delmas Sweat.
Back row: Howard Cauley, George Davis, Edison Sheppard, James L. Raley, Wilton R. Phillips, Mary Jo Holton Poole, Woodrow Poole, Grace Odom Peterson, Doye Green, Mokie Wells, and J. W. Logan.
Their graduation picture was reprinted in the Soperton News 06-19-74. See photos of their 50-year reunion on TREUTLEN E-NEWS.

Others that week: majorettes, Jessie Hunt and Phil Wilcher with rattlesnake, 4-H, big tent, Norwood Posey, Bobby Futch big fish.

1979 Coach John Morgan's Team

79 0613 02
June 13, 1979
Coach John Morgan took his basketball team to camp in Atlanta.

Others that week: Fannie Belle Holton's fan, putting Gulf sign on top of the pole at the new Flash Foods on Eastman Road, TAE officers, sewer plant clean-up, Mike Redwine, log house on N. 221 (moved to GA 29 at I-16 as Welcome Center), Western Auto (once Sumner's Hardware).

1974 Downtown Soperton


74 0612 01
June 12, 1974
Downtown Soperton, north and east. Photo was made because the traffic lanes were repainted, but in 2009, the whole scene is preserved for history.
North: Zippy Mart, _ _ CO?, Schlitz, Gillis Fabrics, railroad roses, many "land yachts" filled the parking spaces (not a park).
East: Corner Restaurant, Citgo, Dennards, Soperton Motor Parts, Morings, Coke sign, railroad signal, police station before expansion (and demolition), Bud at Soperton Ice Plant, sign at JW's (old Fowler Freezer Locker building), old gas station demolished before veterans memorial was built.

Others that week: wreck near the Milt Johnson garage, berry picking, I-16 near Ohoopee bridge, majorettes.

1979 TES Reading Certificates

79 0606 01
June 6, 1979
Over 100 Treutlen Elementary students received reading certificates on the last day of school.

Others that week: TPS kids, TES Honor Roll, Mrs. Raley and Mrs. Brown retire, TES Literary Club, Child's World kids visit Nursing Home, Lothair home constructed.

1974 THS Class of 1964

74 0606 02
June 6, 1974
The THS class of 1964 held its 10 year anniversary at the Soperton Community Clubhouse.

Attending were Carol Harrington Crowe, Frances Lawton Woodcock, Patsy Lane McDonald, Ruby Jo Barwick Sanders, Gerald Smith, Lynda Reynolds Lumley, Peggy Palmer Crosby, Suzanne Brown Buchanan, Patsy Wright Green, Ginny Kerley Joseph, Kenneth Hanson, Larry Kelly, Montez Spivey Brooks, M.L. Barber, Bernice Morris Lord, Paula Brinson Flury, Mildred Durden Brantley, Billy Holton, Lynn Posey, Hilda Sheppard Hackle, Almer Jean Ely Kennedy, Glenn Wilcher, Helen Arrington Lombard, Jo Ann Manning Powell, Robin Jennings, Billy Beasley, Danis Proctor Ward, and Sammy Buchanan. Deceased: Jordia Sumner and Francis Ridgdill.

Others that week: Majorettes, state track, ballet students- Cynthia Hall, Melissa Crumpler, Gilda Ann Driggers, retiring teachers- Mrs. Rubye Phillips, Miss Jeanette Holmes (46 years), I-16, Priscilla Durden, John Miller - scholarship to Albany State.

One Technical Problem Fixed

The 1974 and 1979 pictures ended back in graduation time after the negative scanner failed. It took a while for Nikon to figure out that it wasn't a software problem, but a problem with the scanner itself. After spending over $300, it is finally fixed. I'm way behind on scrutinizing proof sheets, adding notes, and scanning, but those for June are ready for you to see.

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