Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1974 Downtown Soperton


74 0612 01
June 12, 1974
Downtown Soperton, north and east. Photo was made because the traffic lanes were repainted, but in 2009, the whole scene is preserved for history.
North: Zippy Mart, _ _ CO?, Schlitz, Gillis Fabrics, railroad roses, many "land yachts" filled the parking spaces (not a park).
East: Corner Restaurant, Citgo, Dennards, Soperton Motor Parts, Morings, Coke sign, railroad signal, police station before expansion (and demolition), Bud at Soperton Ice Plant, sign at JW's (old Fowler Freezer Locker building), old gas station demolished before veterans memorial was built.

Others that week: wreck near the Milt Johnson garage, berry picking, I-16 near Ohoopee bridge, majorettes.

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