Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bicycle Races III

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August 7, 1974
The first Bicycle Races were in 1972, when Lester Maddox came and rode a bicycle backward in support of Sen. Hugh Gillis in one of the rares he had serious opposition. The second Race in 1973 was held around the Sparks-Warnock pond area. Race III was held under the lights at the stadium with over 500 paid attendance.
First place winners were Barbara Ethier, Lisa Hackle, David Ferguson, Cynthia Hall, Kermit Webb, Angie Meeks, Carl Blair, Jimmie Hester, Jerry Hester, Eleanor Ethier, Gene Hester. Winners of the bicycle raffle: Crow Moxley and Bubba Rogers.

Others that week: Candidate Harry Powell, 4-H bicycle classes, Lightning strike at Lanier house, Livestock Specialist Calvin Alford.

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