Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1979 - Class of 1959

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August 22, 1979
The THS Class of 1959 held their 20-year reunion. (Wonder if there will be a 50th?)
Twenty-four of 44 class members attended: Mary Nell Wyatt Clark, Betty Sue Braddy Daly, Patsy Spivey Lord, Brenda Garner Colston, Iverson Sanders, S. D. Hanson, Bobby Warnock, Earl Meeks, Jimmy Chafin, Ruby Johnson Adams, Monroe Moxley, Clayton Stephens, Faye Spivey Phillips, Jackie Brooks Braddy, Genelda Moseley Reese, Marilyn Ricks Mimbs, Beth Vanlandingham Campbell, LaGail Hall Davidson, Peggy Moore Wells, Jimmy Lawton, Felix Odom, Joe Mullis, Charles Johnson, and Jim Neal Simons.

Others that week: Children at church, new teachers, Lothair cemetery, Garners anniversary, Beta Sigma Phi, staff at Holiday Beach, family photos.

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