Thursday, February 11, 2010

Improving Your Pictures

One of the ways of improving your pictures is to study pictures that are attractive to you.
For example, this one which appeared in the TREUTLEN E-NEWS.

It has excellent composition, cropping, and lighting.

It follows the "rule of thirds" of composition: Divide the viewing frame into thirds (looks like a tic-tac-toe puzzle).

Notice the lines: Vertical tree trunks in the top third, diagonal ditch and shadows in the bottom two thirds.

Deer looks clean. No clutter in sight.

Nice triangle keeping attention inside the frame: Mitchell's face to Marley's face following arm and antlers to deer face and back up to Mitchell's face.

Side lighting a plus, brings out shapes.

Feel the season, clear blue sky, sharp sunlight, leaves and grass of the yard, yellowing of the woods.

Can't you just feel it!

My aim is to help people to understand and use photography just as they do with spoken and written words.

Comments and discussions appreciated.

William A. Ricks

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Scott Thompson said...

Good comments. Too many people leave too much background in their photos. Best to direction attention to subject. Sometimes filling the frame works best.