Saturday, February 20, 2010

1985 Cheerleaders

85 0220
February 20, 1985

From sweaters and below-knee full skirts to sleeveless and gym-style wear, cheerleader attire has changed over the years, reflecting the growing athleticism of cheerleaders themselves. Tumbling and gymnastics are being used more, as there are cartwheels, pyramids, and choreography being used.

Others that week: Basketball, 4-H Bulldog  Quiz Bowl, FFA Week, FBLA conference,  Jim L. Gillis, Jr., and an accident on GA 46 at the Red Bluff Creek bridge.

Did you know that you can download or print photos from Bill Ricks of Soperton?
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Anonymous said...

I'm accepting the challenge to get the wreck picture posted. Bill Ricks of Soperton says it was made the week of Feb. 20, 1985, on GA 46 at Red Bluff Creek. He needs only 4 comments to get into action.
Guess Who?

Anonymous said...

I Googled Bill Ricks of Soperton without even entering my email address, but the Post a Comment opened for me so I could write this message.

I will type in the funny word and publish the comment Anonymously, by selecting the bottom choice.