Saturday, February 27, 2010

1980 Faster than Hershel

80 0227
February 27, 1980

Hershel Walker was the most famous high school athlete in the nation. The Johnson County, Georgia, native was running touchdowns and leaving defensive players lying on the ground. Treutlen brought in extra bleachers to host Hershel in the football playoffs, but Hershel and his team clobbered us. But down in Claxton it was a different story in basketball. Ricky Miller soared behind Hershel's back. The Vikings overcame an 8-point disadvantage, and Glenn Williams sunk the final basket to win, 51-49. Except for the track teams, it was the first Region Championship by Treutlen in many years.

Others that week: Exhibits, 11 pound turnip, kids playing, and cheerleaders.

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