Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Reader Tips

1- Downloading photos: Click or double-click on the face of a picture to separate the photo to a plain white background; try clicking and dragging the photo to your desktop or use your usual download tools. After downloading you can print the photo-file. (Should do okay for 4x6)

2- Emailing a blog post: Click the tiny envelope picture at the bottom of the post and follow the directions.

3- Making comments: We need your feedback. At the bottom of each blog post is a red colored 'comments". Click or double-click on it, and a separate window will appear. 

You may type your message in the box under 'Leave your comment'.

Don't worry about the HTML unless you want to use it.

You must copy the 'WORD VERIFICATION' as that helps make sure that a human being is doing the comment instead of a computer in India. 

'Choose an identity' should not confuse you. Many people just click the round button to the left of 'Anonymous'. If you want to be identified or need an answer back by email, just select another option. 
Last steps: use the blue button to preview and finally the orange button to 'PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT'

All comments are moderated (It doesn't matter whether or not we agree with them, but language and attitude should be civil. Nothing written that would shame your Mama or Preacher.)

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