Saturday, February 20, 2010

1980 Cheerleaders

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February 20, 1980

Remember pep rallies? In the 1960s, a highlight of each Friday afternoon, after a hard week of study, everybody gathered in the cafeteria to get stirred up for Friday night. As the noise got louder it became time for the favorite cheer - homegrown. First led by Joan Posey (Cammack) followed a few years later by Frances Radford (Johnson). Are you ready?
"Little red rooster, sittin' on the fence, crowed for (opponent), and hasn't crowed since!" Cheers and cheerleaders may adjust styles, but the beat goes on....and on.

Others that week: Basketball, Conservation awards, Will Peterson and David Sanford, Melissa Smith's 80th birthday, Nursing Home dinner, TPS program, log rolling, STARs Bobby Burns and John Lee.

Did you know that you can download or print photos from Bill Ricks of Soperton?
Give copies to your friends.  Call about high quality enlargements.

Addendum: Names provided by Cathy M. Pace-  Lisa M. Edwards (photos), Mary Morris, Patti Sumner Heaton (photos), Cathy M. Pace (photos), Helen Miller (photos), Betty Sue Mclendon, Ma Helen Braddy (photos)Karen McDaniel Foskey, Martha Hutcheson, Sheila Meeks Raiford, Shakenia Smith.

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