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Worth Repeating: February 20-26

Some of the stuff posted on my Facebook profile last week:

February 20
February 20, 1902: Photographer Ansel Adams born.
I got the DVD for Christmas. I wonder what he would have thought of Photoshop and digital cameras. I saw some of his prints at the Eastman House when I was in Rochester. Indescribable!

February 21

Who drove #21 1975-2008

Car #21 history:
(In case you've forgotten or too young to know.)
"The team adopted the #21 permanently, and would become as notorious as any number in NASCAR history (along with the Petty #43 and Earnhardt #3)."
"The Wood Brothers invented the modern pit stop."

The public cost of corporate greed keeps growing and growing. Fort Ritchie is in Maryland. Say what you will about Jimmy Carter, but if the country hadn't taken a leftward twist back then, we wouldn't have a national bird today. "Safe" chemicals. Sheesh!

Long Story.
Read it all when you have time.
High speed trains.

You now have your online copy of Million Pines Festival Souvenir Book 5, 1977, about the City of Soperton, photos of former Mayors, important historical tidbits, directory of every street address and family living there, ads from all substantial businesses, and public servants, plus public-spirited citizens, such as Jimmy Lawton and Jack Ellington.
Photos by Bill Ricks, Feb 21, 2011

“War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children.”
Jimmy Carter quote

February 22

The same sun that drives up your electric bill in summer could reduce it with solar panels. One company leases them.

iPad sales increasing as laptops decrease.

This is the first time I ever saw this site. Wouldn't it be great if all of the yearbooks were on line. I don't know why the schools haven't already scanned and put them online.

February 23
He's from Soperton!

February 23, 1685: George Frederick Handel in Halle born. Handel became the leading musical figure in England. He lived a few years longer than Bach, which means, like Bach, he lived long enough to see his music fall out of fashion. His oratorio, "The Messiah," was first heard in 1749.

February 24
iPad 2 on March 2

A beautiful obituary for a Soperton (wi) citizen.

NEW: Easy. Sturdy. Reliable. Professional. $1,200 to $2,500. Get what you pay for.

Want to name this waterfall?
Photos by Bill Ricks, Feb 15, 2011
Photos by Bill Ricks, May 13, 2010 - Please refer to blogpost dated May 13, 2010

February 24, 1818: Frederic Chopin made his debut as a pianist. He was seven years old. The little boy was elaborately dressed up, and after the recital someone asked the kid what he thought impressed the audience the most. You know how literal children are. Chopin replied, "My collar."

February 25

In Wisconsin, the story may be presented as Tea Party again bad old union bosses, but the bottom line is about real people working hard to provide for families with little pay.

"This sense of heartbreak and disappointment defines the Blue Water veterans community, which lost hundreds of men to Agent Orange-inflicted diseases in 2010 and watched Congress go home without restoring the VA medical benefits the Bush administration eliminated in 2002."
Agent Orange was carried aboard Navy vessels and the spray from the mainland of Vietnam drifted out many miles to affect sailors.

What a glowing report! Looks successful. Wanna invest?

Jimmy Sharpe brought honor to Soperton and all of Georgia, being the only non-Florida entrant in the race. Beat the socks out of them!

Google to attack the spam jungle.

February 26
 February 25, 1873: Enrico Caruso, Italian operatic tenor born.

‎8th District Congressman Austin Scott stated the deal would bring 370 jobs to Georgia and have an economic impact of more than $17 million. Scott’s office told The Telegraph on Friday that Boeing had not released further details about those jobs.... Scott’s office said there was no indication yet whether parts of the aircraft would be built in Macon.

Want to save on gasoline? Something that everybody can do. Something simple. Just drive at 50-55 miles per hour on the highway. Speeding is the biggest gas burner. In town, maintain a constant speed; eliminate stop and go as much as possible.

Got a minute?
Listen to this.
Part of the reality of war.
Jerald Collman, who served in Vietnam, remembers receiving the bodies of fallen soldiers as an Army Graves Registration collection point officer.

February 26, 1852: John Harvey Kellogg was born Tyrone, Michigan. An American physician and health-food pioneer whose development of dry breakfast cereals was largely responsible for the creation of the flaked-cereal industry.
(I was 8 years old when Frosted Flakes came along. The greatest invention! Sugar that stayed with the cereal ...
See More

Tony Tiger and Tony Jr in this RARE Kelloggs Frosted Flakes spot. For more Tony visit us at

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