Thursday, February 10, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 12, 1986

Roy Wheeler was hired as Chief of Police.

Gregory Toler won the DAR award.

Congresman J. Roy Rowland nominate Tony Graham to the military academies.

Windsor wrote about sin.

Ricks wrote about influenza.

Happy birthday Christopher Michael Raiford on February 14. Love Mama, Daddy and Mark.

Who's Who in Music: Lori Grinstead, Laura Grinstead, Roshea Ceasar, Medeanna Spivey, Beth Durden, Barry Driggers, Grahl Moxley, Roberto McGirt, Jeanna Simons, Glory Simons, Patti Sumner, Clint Lawrence, Edward Nobles, Paul Scott, Gregory Toler, John Morris, Vicki Foskey, Wendy Rogers, Cathy Brinson, Mylinda Kight, James Garner, Tony Graham, and Christy Truett.

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