Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1976 Beta Club Initiation

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February 18, 1976

Dressed up, left to right, are the THS smart students being initiated into the Beta Club: Glenn Brinson - Ballet Dancer, Tamra O'Neal - Frito Bandito, Shelia Mills - Aunt Jemima, Marquis Jones - Martian, Scotty Palmer - Cheerleader, Gail Shiver - Farm Maid, Patti Brinson - Farmer, Jackie Wiggins - Baby, Rebekah Brantley - Football Player, Mary Jean Thompson - Cupid, and (not pictured) Debra Stewart.

Others that week: Warnock-Wood Reunion, Eli Branch birthday, FBLA Pageant, Basketball, TPS kids at monkey bars enjoying 79-degree temperatures, courthouse benchmark, TPS program, 2nd annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, car fire near Kibbee.

William A. Ricks 
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