Monday, February 14, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 18, 1976

The Nursing Home marked its 6th anniversary February 15, 1976. Add 35 years, and it's 41st anniversary is Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011.

History remembered: April 14, 1933, Congressman Homer C. Parker of Statesboro, displayed on the house floor a copy of the Soperton News, date March 31, 1933, as the first newspaper ever to be printed on japer produced from pine trees. He spoke of the work of Dr. Herty, Editor Horace M. Flanders, and James Fowler - the world leader in growing slash pine trees.  Since 1926 he had planted 1,500,000 seedlings.
Congressman Keller of Illinois suggested that the displayed copy be preserved for posterity. Although nobody has found any documentation in Washington, the legend is that the paper is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute.  (Maybe in that warehouse with the lost ark.)

Warnocks and Woods had a big reunion at the community house.

The 1974 Plymouth police car was for sale with a minimum set at $1976.

The city promised to pay half if the county paid half to hire a full-time recreation director.

Forestry Commission sold bicentennial tree packets.  They would be big trees now. Do you know anybody who has some? The varieties were : Sawtooth oak, Catalpa, Red Cedar, Yellow Poplar, Virginia Pine, White Pine, and Slash Pine. Also special package of two live oaks.

Mrs. Mullen and Mrs. Lawton returned from a tour of India.  Had photo made riding an elephant.

Every copy of the Soperton News that week carried the reprint of the slash pine edition, sponsored in part by the Herty Foundation and Mrs. James Fowler.

Visit the TREUTLEN E-NEWS today to see a living tree planted by James Fowler.

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Jack E. Josey, Jr. said...

I remember the '74 Plymouth Police Car. Those true dual exhaust notes sounded good. I bet it didn't get more than ten miles/gallon.

BillRicksofSoperton said...

10 mpg would be stretching it, most likely. The Chevy patrol cars I drove at RIT (1970-72) got about 5.