Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 4, 1981

Kennon Gillis became president of the Bank of Soperton, succeeding Jim L. Gillis, Jr.

Donnie Cammack qualified for City Council.

Evangeline Katena Little became a flight attendant for Delta.

The store known as A. B. Johnson Country Store for 18 years became Gillis Country Store, owned and managed by Faye Gillis.

Firemen hurried to Kendall Ware's shop on Mount Vernon and carefully observed as the large pile of tires burned.

Cameron (Jack Cameron of Cameron's in Caldwell) became Soperton Feed Center with Richard S. Howell and W. E. Fordham in charge.

Mullet Dinner for $2.09 at Smith's Fried Chicken.

Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Retha Warnock) Lovett of Dublin announced the birth of a daughter, Roxie Bianca, born January 30, 1981, at Coliseum Park Hospital.

William A. Ricks
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