Saturday, February 12, 2011

1976 Just Saved the Big Fish

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February 11, 1976
Just Saved the Big Fish
Oh, those good old days! That crowded office on First Street (MLK Drive) where everybody loved to visit. Times still hard enough to enjoy catching fish and showing them off.  Mrs. Jeanne's cousins came to town to show off the latest catch. Left the little ones at home. Cassie Beasley, Venzie Beasley, and Virgil Brantley were strong enough to hold the washtub sized catch of bass. When you're riding up around Tommy Heath's farm you may find road named for Cassie.

Others that week: Basketball, the small adobe house, Mistake Contest, Majorettes, STARs Moxley and Walden, Palmer at the Bank, Bowers.

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