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Worth Repeating: January 30 - February 5

Some of the stuff posted on my Facebook profile last week:

January 30, 2011
Skip down to the 1, 2, 3... Even the seven sins are a bit tedious, but worthwhile.
‎7 internet sins that could make you go viral with your friends

I didn't know he was still alive. Versatile actor!
Interview: Ernest Borgnine, Still Building A Life's Work At 94 : NPR
"I will teach 175 students this 18-week period. Do you know how many parents came to Open House? 6!"
Grading parents: Does this idea deserve an “F” | Get Schooled

January 31, 2011
Top posts for the month of January: BillRicksofSoperton - #1-1976 Mighty Mites Banquet, #2- 1969 Farm House near GA 297, #3- Tie: YOU ARE THERE - January 21, 1976 and 1981 Glory Days at McArthur Gym. Our top referring URL is the TREUTLEN E-NEWS, second Google. Our top referring Site is Google, second Facebook.
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"Before iPhone, travel and meetings always required a laptop. Now you’re no longer tethered to your location — and you’re still productive.”
Apple - iPad in Business - Profiles - GE
George Jones is singing "Who will fill their shoes?" Tune in now and go back to what you were doing, as the music continues. Your whole evening will be better for it.
Listen Live

January 31, 1797: Franz Schubert was born. Schubert was born in Vienna and he died in Vienna. He lived only 31 years. He never heard his own Ninth Symphony in public performance and was led to believe it was unplayable.
Furtwangler: Schubert, Symphony no. 9
February 1, 2011
It's a big law with many parts. Romney should specify the parts that he or the judge deem unconstitutional or improper. The few parts that are already in place have been acceptable except for insurance companies and health businesses, all with an axe to grind. Some of the questioned parts are not due to go into effect for another two or three years.
Romney to Obama: Hit 'pause button' on health care - Nation -
For your health, I advise eating less red meat, but if you start eating more poultry, fish, and lean pork you will be driving up the prices for the meats I eat.
New Nutrition Guidelines: Read Between The Lines On Red Meat : Shots - Health News Blog : NPR

100 law experts explain why health care law is Constitutional.
"After years of denouncing liberals for seeking to overturn the will of the people through court decisions, conservatives have fully adopted that very same approach to laws they don't like."
Health Care Ruling Shows Judicial Activism Is Alive and Well -- and Living on the Right

Buried her husband in the Boro?
February 1, 1895: Film director Sean O'Feeney was born. We know him better as John Ford (The Informer, The Grapes of Wrath, How Green Was My Valley, The Quiet Man).
John Ford: Tobacco Road
February 2, 2011
CATCHWORD FOR THE DAY: Muslim Brotherhood
Quote from Wiki: "Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East editor, says "Unlike the jihadis, it does not believe it is at war with the West. It is conservative and non-violent," and "untested in government and poorly understood - especially in the West"."
Muslim Brotherhood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here in Georgia. Inexpensive educational technology is a good way to advance learning during a budget crisis. State Senator Tommie Williams has a good idea.
An Apple for the teacher and every student? | Get Schooled
We were just thinking of her yesterday. Born in 1896, same year as my dad.
Born before Wright Brothers flew, world's oldest person dies at 114
Al Gore delivers brief answer on global warming.
An Answer for Bill O'Reilly

GPB's WMUM/89.7 FM will host America's most dynamic oral history program in Macon, Georgia beginning on Thursday, February 10, 2011. The distinctive StoryCorps MobileBooth Airstream Trailer Studio will be located in the heart of Macon's Historic District with oral history interviews captured through mid-March.

The stories of people in Macon, Georgia are essential to the StoryCorps archive and will be preserved for future generations to hear. StoryCorps Macon will continue the mission to collect and share the voices of individuals from all walks of life and all parts of our nation voices not traditionally represented in mainstream media.

StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another's lives through listening. We travel the country year-round recording the stories, life experiences, and conversations of everyday people. We preserve these recordings in our archive at the Library of Congress, and we broadcast selected stories every Friday on NPR's Morning Edition.

Before the groundhog, Candlemas was celebrated on February 2. Luke wrote the story.
Luke 2:22-40

February 3, 2011
Available from Apple's App Store. Murdoch is the creator of Fox News.
Stop The Presses: Murdoch's iPad Newspaper Debuts : NPR
Zach Wahls Speaks About Family
Georgia Tech is helping in Haiti's problem with destroyed buildings by engineering to recycle rubble to concrete. Reported on CNN by Ali. If you like engineering, read all about it in this cool "book".
January 2011 Bulletin
"It's "the day the music died," the day in 1959 when Buddy Holly was killed in a plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa, along with Ritchie Valens (who sang "La Bamba") and J.P. Richardson (known as "The Big Bopper"). Buddy Holly's career as a rock star only lasted a year and a half, but he recorded "Peggy Sue," "Everyday," "That'll Be the Day," "Oh, Boy!" and many more hits. Buddy Holly was 22 years old when he died." 
Garrison Keillor told the tragic story best in one of his books or monologues. Nobody today seems able to find it with Google. The above words were written by Keillor for writer's almanac in a previous year.
‎"True Love Ways" Buddy Holly
“I took a product from Mississippi and brought it to Georgia,” Jennings said. “It received an infusion of cash from Wall Street. That cash made its way back to MSU in the form of funding for more development. So the cycle begins: good research equals money, equals more research.”
Field day promotes giant miscanthus
February 4, 2011
February 4, 1906: Dietrich Bonhoeffer born. One of his quotations: "In normal life we hardly realize how much more we receive than we give, and life cannot be rich without such gratitude. It is so easy to overestimate the importance of our own achievements compared with what we owe to the help of others."
Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas
New methods in congressional redistricting will require scrutiny by voters - individually and collectively. If necessary, minorities of every type will organize and raise funds to assure fair representation. A first step on a long road.
New redistricting office created by GOP; Dems upset - State Legislature -
"Ronald Reagan was the embodiment of hope. And of optimism.
"great communicator
"He ran as a conservative and governed, for the most part, as a conservative.
"But he also raised taxes, to a record level, and he signed a bill that liberalized abortion rights.
"the true Griever-in-Chief, who gave an incredibly moving speech following the explosion of the Challenger. Nobody was better at this than Ronald Reagan."
Assessing Ronald Reagan At 100 : It's All Politics : NPR
Books for the armchair scientist.
National Academy of Science

Thanks to Scott Thompson we will be reading history in his entertaining style. I remember 50 years ago when the AJC was printing centennial issues every week. 
Scott comments: "Make no mistake, it is not my intention to celebrate the events of that horrible war. I will salute the gallantry of its participants, who fought and died for what they thought was right. I will address the nobilities, as well as the horrors. But, I will not, under any circumstances, celebrate death and dying, and I will not champion any cause for the war."
I've just gotta start watching that Oprah show. Four supermodels, including the one who turned 57 this week.
Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, Stephanie Seymoure, Christie Brinkley: 'Oprah' supermodel reunion,0,596427.story
February 4, 1944: Singer Florence LaRue (The Fifth Dimension) born.
The 5th Dimension

February 5, 2011
A Chance To Work With Johnny Cash Beyond The 'Grave' : NPR
‎"You don't have to be dirty to be poor."
I receive a StoryCorps story in my email every Friday afternoon.
94-year-old Mary Van Beke tells her son, Charles, about growing up in the 1920

I was with a group of men this week, and most of them were complaining about people who receive welfare benefits or supplements for low income. Only one of them, other than I,  wasn't complaining or criticizing. The pathetic thing is that I know everyone of them to have received government funds at some time in their life.
I was reminded of these words of Jesus:
Matthew 18:21-35
February 5, 1923: Country singer Claude King born. King was frequently on the same shows with Elvis Presley, Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells, Jimmie Davis, Slim Whitman, Faron Young, Johnny Horton, Jim Reeves, George Jones and Lefty Frizzell.
Johnny Cash Show - Country Gold [Claude King]
William A. Ricks 
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