Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 25, 1981

Brantley and W. C. Ricks were the top conservationists.

Donnie Cammack was elected to fill the vacancy in City Council due to resignation of Councilman Bob Sanford who became Mayor.  Johnny B. Johnson lost that time but was elected later and is still a Council member in 2011.

Windsor reprinted a column by Roy Chalker about "making 'rangements," which old-time farmers had to do every year with their bankers.

Ricks wrote about Jimmy Carter, Bert Lance, and Ronald Reagan.

Announcement was made of the upcoming marriage, April 5, of Debbie Carol Joiner and John Koon.

"Coot Riddle" died at the Wrightsville Nursing Home.  Her real name was Mrs. Mary Riddles. Arrangements by Hodges.

Pharis Jennings won the $100 first prize in the 6th annual Cherry Bake with her Cherry Banana Split.

The Vikings made the Region Playoffs.

Two good movies were playing in Vidalia. Both are frequently seen on TV 30 years later: 9 to 5 and Stir Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about contrast!! Lance/Carter vs. Reagan... Miles between them, no brains vs. brains