Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - February 18, 1981

Windsor wrote about the heroes of young America: 1-Burt Reynolds, 2-Steve Martin, 3-Eric Heiden, 4-Erik Estrada, 5-Alan Alda, 6-Kristy McNichol, 7-Sugar Ray Leonard, 8-Scott Baio, 9a-John Belushi, 9b-Robin Williams, 10-Kurt Thomas, 11a-Terry Bradshaw, 11b-Sylvester Stallone, 12-Julius Erving, 13-Earl Campbell, 14-Bill Cosby, 15-Olivia Newton-John, 16-John Ritter, 17-Sally Field, 18-Charles Schulz, 19-Gilda Radner, 20-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 21-Neil Armstrong, 22-Muhammad Ali, 23-Willy Stargell, 24-Judy Blume, 25-Pete Rose, 26-Alex Haley, 27-Dustin Hoffman, 28-Barbara Streisand, 29-Johnny Carson, and 30-Paul McCarney.

Happy Birthday, Edith Vanlandingham, February 24, "Our Happenings Lady".

Teen of the Week: Sheila Meeks.

GSC President Dale Lick met with almost 40 high school coaches, including Loveard McMichael, to gain support for the school's year-old quest to create a football program.

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