Monday, February 21, 2011

Worth Repeating: February 13-19

Some of the stuff posted on my Facebook profile last week:

Sunday, February 13
February 13, 1867": Johann Strauss' magnificent "Blue Danube Waltz" was played for the first time at a public concert in Vienna, Austria.
Johann Strauss II's most famous Waltz, Originally named " On the Beautiful Blue Danube " - An der schönen blauen Donau - is a very popular piece and still played till today, it has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of music in the classical repertoire. 

Monday, Febuary 14

Spanish Moss Festival
Saturday, March 5, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Little Ocmulgee State Park and Lodge - Helena
Bring your family to enjoy food and craft vendors. Activities include a kids train ride, reptile show and "walk on the water" pool. There will also be performances by local bands, cloggers and Zumba dancers. $5 parking. (229) 868-7474.
Explore more than 77,500 acres of natural beauty from the Georgia Coast to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We have a new slide show of the TES Science Fair which you can watch on my blog or you may go directly to the web album. 

Isakson, Chambless, Kingston, and Barrow support harbor expansion. Could be good for I-16 and our railroad.
The Maritime Executive :: Article and news about Delegation United in Fight for Savannah Harbor Expansion

Tuesday, February 15
Today, the Lexmark online technician and I got my scanner going. First I scanned a photo of the late Larry Joe Newsome, shaped it up a bit and ready to print, after I buy an ink cartridge. Then I scanned the booklet and saved it in my Picasa web albums, so now the whole world can read it. Also it's listed on Favorite Links on the sidebar of my blog. I hope to scan more as time goes on.
Photos by Bill Ricks, F

Wednesday, February 16
Sounds to me like all Americans have a welfare mentality, but some won't admit it.
As unhappy as Americans claim to be about the government's red ink, surveys show voters want more government than they're willing to pay for.

I like this site for a fast scroll & read.

Jack E Josey Jr - Just watched your salute to Buddy Holly. Linda Ronstadt did a great job on that classic. Buddy would be proud. You have created a fantastic library of good music with fresh visuals. I hadn't realized how tall Buddy was until I saw the shot of him with Ed Sullivan.
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Did you know that legal notices are online courtesy of the GPA?
S11-16 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS GEORGIA, TREUTLEN COUNTY All creditors of the estate of ALICE ELEANOR WILLIAMS, deceased, late of Treutlen County, Georgia, are hereby notified to render in their demands to the undersigned according to law...

Thursday, February 17

Higher percentages of employment for blacks and hispanics. Is there a reason? A legal reason?
WASHINGTON — Are companies saying no to jobless applicants when there are job openings? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's widespread and could violate federal job

While most publications are going paperless, these will be printing at the Macon Telegraph basement. Look where the Telegraph is being printed.
A company formed by publishers of four weekly Middle Georgia newspapers have cranked back up the presses in The Telegraph basement.

If you're old enough and read between the lines, this article hints at the roots of the former Baptists and today's Baptists. Mercer is true to the Baptist heritage of freedom and autonomy. The new thing is the old thing based in racism.
The American dream did not quite live up to reality for Sam Oni when he arrived in Macon in 1963.

Saturday, February 19

Should you spend your money on a home security system? A look inside a burglar's mind might help you decide.

The "infallible Word of God".
John 1:1 talks about the Word of God, and He is Jesus. The living Savior who is infallible in every way and every day. The Word that we know best.
Still cleaning files, and found this juicy gem from an historical Baptist.
Infallible has two meanings; one is "without error" the other that "it fulfills its intended function." A dull knife can be an infallible knife if you use it to cut butter. You will weaken the statement by putting in that word. 

Video shot before Phillip Jennings' crop was full height for the Miscanthus Field Day Harvest. Check this and related YouTubes. Field Day was covered on TREUTLEN E-NEWS (search word: miscanthus).
Many Americans would love not to be dependent on foreign oil energy sources. But most people can only think about energy independence. In this report, the Monitor's Ryan Naquin explains how one Georgia farmer has actually jumped into the bio-fuels arena and he's not looking back.

Scriptural support for a fair minimum wage:
1 Timothy 5:18
18 For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.

What's legal or not? You may be surprised.
The place of religion in the nation's public schools continues to general legal rules and policy guidelines for school administrators, teachers, parents and others regarding religion in public schools. It focuses on the constitutional mandate of separation of church and state as it applies to the

The Census figures for Georgia have not been released and may not be released until late March. Law requires that they be released by April 1 in order for work to begin on Congressional Districting. In some of the prior census the data was out by early January.
Data Release Process: 1. Pre-release announcement — A week ahead, we'll announce which states to anticipate the following week. (Subscribe to receive the media advisories. [media | non-media].) 2. Shipment to State Leadership — We'll ship the data to the state leadership (ex. governor, majority and

A big improvement for Veterans in Atlanta. Way to go Secretary Shinseki!
AUSTELL, Ga. (AP) -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has moved an outpatient clinic from Smyrna to nearby Austell to make room for an increase in patients.

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