Monday, January 31, 2011


Tornadic winds ripped through Treutlen: Randall Meeks and company stopped traffic and cleared trees from North GA 29 until the DOT crew arrived. Roofing blew off at the Grady Morris farm on the Wommack Avenue extension.  J. C. Stephens lost over 100 trees at his place on GA 29 N. TV antenna twisted and trees toppled at the Pete Phillips home on Crooked Run Road.

Charles Spencer Worthy was named Hospital Administrator.

The Photo Quiz was the Oliver sign on the metal building facing the northeast end of the courthouse.  Now the lot contains Wesley Crowe's three wooden storage buildings.

Moring's Ben Franklin store advertised 2 boxes of Kleenex 200s for 99 cents. (Ben Franklin stores got Sam Walton started.)

Clayton Stephens, at age 34, had spent many weekends in 1975 visiting thousands of graves in 40 Treutlen cemeteries for his forthcoming book.

"Gone with the Wind" was playing at the New Pal, Feb. 5-11.

J. E. McLendon captured Tuesday night basketball action with the camera.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stevens were operating Soperton Seafood Center at Railroad Avenue and Third Street.

William A. Ricks 
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Jack E. Josey, Jr. said...

I remember driving up toward Sweat's BBQ and seeing the swath of trees downed by the small tornado.