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YOU ARE THERE - January 22, 1986

Leon Phillips was Treutlen County's Soil and Water Conservation honoree.

The Board of Education approved the annual newspaper subscription campaign with the stipulation that all students of grades 5, 6, and 7 be allowed to participate. Previously the campaign allowed only students of the "top two" classes, as determined by the school,  in each grade level. That was the beginning of the end of the campaigns which started in 1972. It was fun while it lasted!

Manning Mimbs was Sportsman of the Year.

Mrs. Louisa Davis Richards died. She was the widow of the late Willie A. Richards, Sr.  She was a district officer of the Churches of God in Christ.

David Barnhill, THS class of 1962, invented "Win-Right Football" at Tifton.  He based it on what he learned at Citadel: "You don't lie, cheat or steal and you don't tolerate those who do."

This week in local history: January 19, 1854, the Governor of Georgia signed a Land Grant to 948 acres of land to Archibald Gillis.  Most of the land included in the City of Soperton was included in this grant.  (Interesting that early settlers were already living and farming lands along Pendleton creek as early as 1800, but the land that became Soperton was so late being settled.)

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