Friday, January 28, 2011

1986 Aerobics Class

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January 29, 1986

Krista Dennard and Vicki Foskey were holding aerobic exercise classes at the First Baptist Church fellowship hall.  Photos like this give me a superiority complex. I have no idea who made the picture, as the camera had been loaned out. The photographer did an excellent job of posing and focusing.  Exposure was good, but he or she probably didn't have enough experience to avoid making the shadow above their heads.  Lots of spots and scratches on the negative mean it was a bad day for whoever was operating the darkroom.  The shot was cropped for publication, but I like the double exposure, caused by a film jam in the camera.  It shows the young ladies and the action.

Others that week: Masons banquet, FFA pictures, snow pictures, basketball, VW off the road near GA 56 Ohoopee River bridge, Ronnie Howell, Soperton Garden Club, and a picture of the comet (gag shot of a can of Comet cleanser in motion.)

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