Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1976 Nobody could stay on old Honey Pot!

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January 28, 1976

Wonder if...  If a donkey ball company could be found... If we could round up enough celebrities to ride...  Could we pack the McArthur Gym again like we used to?  Those were the days, could we bring them back just one more time?  Honey Pot was the meanest donkey of all.  Nobody could ride her. Not even Wayne.

Others that: Lot of tombstones, as we were helping Clayton with his cemetery book - some of the names were McCrimmon, Moye, Barwick, O'Brien, Fowler, Williams, Phillips, Gillis.  The Muti-Phasic Clinic, a Wheeler County picture with Billy Clark, Mackie Simpson, Hugh Gillis, and Pete Phillips.  THS: Gloria Burns, 4-H, Governor's Honors, Y Clubs, PTA.

William A. Ricks 
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