Wednesday, January 12, 2011

YOU ARE THERE - January 14, 1976

Windsor's column - Top 5 Stories of 1975 (determined by 671 participants): Death of Mr. Jim Gillis, Cable TV started up, Marijuana growing in local corn field, the 3rd Festival, and the start-up of Radio Station WYOK.

Hospital Administrator Roy Stewart commented on the hospital status. Two new RNs were hired to meet state requirements. Authority Chairman Hugh Gillis had said that the hospital in previous condition couldn't continue unless subsidized by the county. Voters approved a straw poll to subsidize in the amount of $35,000. Administrator Wyndell Standard had resigned.  John Lee became Administrator, but left after a short time, in August.  Stewart was hired in October. Gillis and Jack Ellington had resigned from the Authority.  Financially, Stewart said that the Authority had paid $3,000 on a $18,000 loan and had spent only $10,000 of the $35,000 approved by the voters. 

Ricks wrote about the extraction of his third molar by Dr. Joseph Glawson in Soperton.

Clayton Stephens announced a garage sale at the Fowler-Lawton House, in which everything would be sold except John Lee's car.

City employees were clearing brush and trimming trees.

William A. Ricks 
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