Friday, January 14, 2011

1981 Sacrificing Beauty for Progress

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January 14, 1981

I didn't mind when they cut down those volunteer cherry laurels, and wished they'd gotten all of them, and the chinaberry tree, but it sure broke my heart a little bit when the city employees cut down three huge crepe myrtles that I had enjoyed all my life, almost 37 years at that point. The action was taken in preparation of widening that side of Main Street. In 2011, and now that the crepe myrtles are gone, I wish the city would clear cut the remaining vegetation so there would be a clear view of our beautiful City Hall for Main Street travelers. Soperton Guano Company was doing well with liquid fertilizers, and the old building was in good shape, although the sign was faded beyond recognition.

Others that week: Prize winners at Judy's Fabrics and Sewing, icey photos, Asplundh tree trimming, basketball, Barbara Mullis, Marie Sumner, and Al Colston.

William A. Ricks 
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Jay Daniels said...

Me, Jason Edge, and Paul Mcgahee cut those rusty tanks down sometime around 1991. They were nothing but hazardous waste, rusted out from the fertilizer, and about to fall down. Still had fertilizer in the bottom of those big tanks. It was a nasty mess and very dangerous. Today, the EPA does allow companies to leave hazardous materials laying around.

BillRicksofSoperton said...

Thanks, Jay, comments like this add a lot to our local history. I do enjoy doing this blog, but one of its main purposes is to put hometown history and other good things in a preserved space on the internet away from fire, rust, etc.