Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1969 Fall Football at ECI

Sometimes I get bored with the usual routine.  I don't have to do three old pictures every week, but I tell myself that I do.  My time with the newspaper goes back to February 1973, but I was trying to take pictures earlier.  I had already fought the war and was working at Rockwell in Statesboro and saving every nickel to afford the expensive education of Rochester Institute of Technology, beginning in the summer of 1970.

You can see from the picture that some of my pictures improved after going to school, as there are more spots and scratches on the negative than I have time to remove.  Lousy focus on this shot.  Somebody had told me to just wrack it out to infinity for distant shots. (Why mention that; everybody now in 2011 is using automatically focusing cameras?)

I was using a Petri camera that brother Morris left behind when he finished Navy leave and went back to his ship. Enough said.

William A. Ricks
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