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YOU ARE THERE - March 11, 1981

James Kight and Roseanne Odom were the first students to sell 10 or more subscriptions to the Soperton News, receiving "Supersubscriptionseller" T-shirts from Dennards. Half of the proceeds of each annual sale were given back to the kids. We would have done more except for Postal Service rules.

There was a special ceremony to honor Eagle Scout David Sanford.

Gary Ladue was safe at home in Vermont. He just "needed to get away for a while." The Navy veteran had previously served on a nuclear cruiser during Vietnam. He was married to Ellen Weaver, sister of Dublin insurance agent Jerry Weaver.  Gary and Jerry co-authored "The Irish Went Down to New Orleans." (If you have a copy, it may be valuable. I couldn't find it on Google.)

Windsors's column: St. Patrick's celebration in Dublin.

Ricks's column: School Taxes - A Bargain in Disguise?

Teen of the Week: Chet Cox.

Lee Gillis, Cynthia Hall, and Teresa Higgs watched Barron Gillis play tennis in a match between UGA and Penn State.

Linda Gail Claxton led the GA (Girls Auxiliary) on a walk-a-thon to benefit the Annie Armstrong missions of Tarrytown Baptist Church.

The Hall Sisters & Eddie reported on their trip to Trinidad.

Dublin Datsun Grand Opening.

Buddy L. Phillips, 73, died after a long illness.

Danny Ruis, 29, died from auto accident injuries.

Lizzie Ann Hart was 105.

Top winners in the livestock show: Kendall Mimbs, Alvin Heath, and Danny Shepherd.

"Football Considered for GSC."

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