Friday, May 21, 2010

Bonus Photo

This selection from the Big Snow, February 1973, has been printed and framed in a 11x14 matted size, on display at Soperton Pharmacy.  It's the old Zaidee Store that stood on the southwest corner of the Old Louisville Road.


Unknown said...

Larry says the store pictured was owned and operated by his great-aunt, Annie Clyde Braddy, and her husband, Edward Clyde "Pat" Palmer. The other store/station in Zaidee was operated by Clyde E. Phillips and his wife, Mary Moxley. (Do you think Mary's middle name might have been Clyde? Just kidding!)

BillRicksofSoperton said...


BillRicksofSoperton said...

Comments from Facebook:

Medeana Spivey Hinson I remember going here with my Granddaddy Braddy.

Phyllis Davis We ran the store for a short time. Lots of visitors. Enjoyed my years spent there.

Rhonda Hackle Ogle Anyone have any history on it? Love the pics Mr. Bill!

Mary Morris Visited the store many times...fond memories.

Brad Kelley Hey Mr.Bill remember there used to be two stores there,both of them cattycornered from each other.The one that stood in front of where the new store is, was once run by I believe Mr. J C Herndon and then later on by his kin Mr.Everette Herndon,I grew up not far from there down the road from Mr. Roy Gene's mama, Mrs Mady Thigpen. I visited both stores many times with my granddady, Mr J.T. Reynolds. I can remember Mr. J.C. and Mr. Everett quite clearly.The other store is not as clearly in my minds eye. I think the last person to run it was Maxi Hamilton,he tried to make it a successful bar.

BillRicksofSoperton said...

Phyllis Davis We may have been. I think they started renting out as a house after we left. It was in 1972 I know that year because we were living there when my oldest son was born. But my memory is not the best.

William A. Ricks The photo was made during the big snow of Feb 73, my first day on the job. I don't recall having seen anybody at the building when we made the shot.

Phyllis Davis I do remember that we were not there in 1973. You photo jogs my memory a little. I was at my grandmother's house watching the snow fall and having to delay my oldest son's 1st birthday party because no one could get there that day.

William A. Ricks Mr. Windsor and I were lucky in getting around that day, as I still had my Rochester snow tires on my 66 Fairlane.

Brad Kelley I betcha Mr.Floyd Brantley Sr. could give you a run down on the ins and outs of those stores,he used to live right there in Zaidee. Matter of fact it was the first house on the left coming into Zaidee from Soperton.I bet even ole Buddy over at the, what is it,?housing authority?,cross from Bill Smith old store out hwy 46 toward Eastman could remember some thiings ,he's a couple years older than me. I honestly believe it was a store again after 1973,cause I was only 5years old in"73"

BillRicksofSoperton said...

Judie Hooks Turner I went in this store alot - my favorite memory was buying the small cokes in the bottle and pouring peanuts in it. Max Hamilton and his wife did run this store for awhile I think...and Mr Herndon. I remember there were two stores there in Zaidee - can't remember who ran which one.

Olivia Williamson Braddy One of the stores was owned and operated my Annie Clyde Braddy and her husband, Pat Palmer. I believe the other one was operated by a Phillips couple.

Sarah Mccleary Bill, I do have great memories of the two stores!! The one that was located where the restaurant is was owned and run by Clyde Phillips and his wife. They had a son named Larsen. The one on the other side of the road was owned and run by Clyde and Pat Palmer. Floyd worked for them when still in high school - 1955, 1956,1957 and part of 1958 when he was drafted into the army. He and I actually lived in the back of the store when we were first married in 1957. When he returned from the army, we ran the store and built the house in Zaidee where the Phillips now live. The house was built by Mr. Joseph Brantley and the preacher at Harmony Baptist Church (Wendell Madry) and yours truly. We moved in the house when it was only partially complete and finished it as we got the money. We lived in that house when our sons Jim and Buddy (Floyd, Jr.) were small. Zaidee was a thriving community back then. We sold almost anything that the stores in town sold.Donny Crosby worked for us at the store. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer died and since their only son was killed in an airplane crash at a young age, Florine Smith inherited the store and their home there in Zaidee.
We sold our house to Kay Carter (M.A. Braddy's daughter) Not sure who owns the house now or who owns Pat and Clyde Palmer's property. I have some good memories of the stores in Zaidee and the many folks who shopped there.

William A. Ricks The corner with the new restaurant is the northeast corner and the old store on that property is the Clyde Phillips Store. The other corner is the southwest corner formerly occupied by the Pat & Clyde Palmer Store, and it's the store in the 1973 snow photo.

See Zaidee post date February 28, 2011 for map.