Monday, May 31, 2010

1985 THS Graduates

85 0529
May 29, 1985

Did I make this picture, or was somebody else behind the camera. The students were standing under the tall trees of Million Pines, the Fowler Home. After 12 years of practice we had developed a style of the graduates standing in rows with the camera overhead to see the faces. I wonder why the rows were short and so many. Possibly to keep the shade away from the faces. Nevertheless, there was the squinting into the sun, a few dark spots and bright spots. Breeze was blowing. Negative was the best exposure, but the others are printable, too. Only one honor graduate, Ronald Baker. I can't believe this was 25 years ago (2010 now). From your facebook photos, you look just as young as you were then.

Others that week: Band concert, Kindergarten graduates, Al Garner - Coast Guard, and yet another accident at GA 29 & GA 46.

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Tim said...

I was there (3rd row from the back)/