Friday, May 14, 2010

1975 Soperton UMC Parking Lot

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May 14, 1975

Does anybody remember the Rowe House that stood on the corner of South First Street and West Alabama Avenue? Seems that it may have been a two-story. Your comments will be appreciated. The property was acquired by the Soperton United Methodist Church and was turned into a paved parking lot. In 2010 First Street is now MLK Drive.

Others that week: Track, TPS field day, tilling, Cub Scouts and Webelos, DOT paving on College Street near TES, new signs for Soperton done by Kenton Gillis.

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Anonymous said...

Jack E Josey Jr: Seems like I remember a two story home across from the Methodist Church. Wasn't that a boarding house?

William A. Ricks: Yes, it was the C.D. Williams house. Mrs. Crumpler (Mr. Buck's mother) was a Williams. My Daddy and Mr. Bill Estroff reworked it into apartments for teachers in the early 50s. Daddy sold it to Carlton Warnock, who rented it to Mrs. George Ricks for her famous boarding house. Previously she lived and operated a similar establishment from a house which once stood at South Second Street at East Georgia Avenue (where the Farm Bureau is today. In earlier years that house was home of the Flanders, Soperton News owners.

Togie Brantley Bryson: I remember the Rowe was two stories..I think it belonged to a Ricks back in the early '50's.I believe apts. were rented there.

Mary Simons Wood: I remember that house. Seems there were a lot of trees around it and it always seemed scary to me. I would walk on the Baptist church side of the street to keep from going near. Had not thought of that place in years.

Helen Foy: It was two story and had an back entrance facing the methodist church. The main entrance faced the Alabama street. It had the original wiring that you could see on the inside walls running to the light switches. There was a sleeping porch on the side next to the methodist church. Scared the stew out of us. Use to play there when playing with Rebekah Buchanan. People use to go in there all the time and sleep and doing their business on the floor. We made a fake man and arranged it on the sleeping porch and then got Mrs. Buchanan to come over cause there was a dead man on the bed. Scared her and in turn, I got sent home and Rebekah was sent to her room. Of course, we got a huge laugh out of it.
Also, I use to call on Mrs. Rowe when we had things to sell at school and she always bought something. Sweet lady just lonely.

William A. Ricks: I felt sorry that I never made a picture of it, but your memories are better than a picture. It was scary to me, too. Partly was looking up at it from street level on First Street (like the old house in 'Psycho'. Seems like the the name was B. A. Rowe; had a department store on Railroad Avenue next to the old Daley house, before my time. They had a connection with Rowe's Florist across from the Courthouse in Dublin.
Mrs. Togie, I believe you're thinking of the C. D. Williams house that faced the front of the church; the Rowe house was behind the church.