Monday, May 10, 2010

1985 Courthouse Roses

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May 8, 1985

The Soperton Garden Club has worked hard over the years to enhance the beauty of Soperton and Treutlen County. The members were responsible for bringing the Magnolia trees from the Oconee River and planting them at the Courthouse in the first years of the club's existence. In more recent years they planted the Bradford Pear trees on the southeast lawn. In this view, the ladies gathered to check on the bulbs and flourishing roses. Wonder how many of our young blog readers can identify the ladies?

Others that week: UCWC Pageant, 4-H Cloverleaf members at Camp Chatham, Mitchell Joiner and Barry Driggers with a string of fish, Training Center clients head for Nashville, Laura Thompson with a small broom promotes the Lions Club broom sale.

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