Sunday, May 16, 2010

Camp Evans, Vietnam Slide Show

Our slide show of Camp Evans, Vietnam, continues this week with slides with process date of October 1968, probably made in September right before we moved down to Phuoc Vinh in III Corps.  Conditions were the best ever for Camp Evans with two or three wooden and tin roof buildings, 2x4 frames under the tents, solid bunkers. Work continued everyday with an hour off for religious service Sunday morning. Sometimes we had a dab of wine for Catholic Mass, other times the chaplain was Episcopalian (wine again), and one time it was an Evangelical who doctored his sermons with cussing.

You know you can click on the show anytime to stop it to read the captions and look at other albums.

William A. Ricks

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Anonymous said...

well this Memorial Day I will be decorating Jim's grave with flowers, memories and a Hostess cupcake. He liked them. Monday May 31st would have been his 63rd birthday. Me and my house will celebrate it anyway.