Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm back.

Due to a number of illnesses, I've been blogless since January 20. Recently I've found enough time to catch up with the 30 year old pictures. Large prints are in the windows at Morings in Soperton. Today I will post a few of those from cold January 1978.

78 0104 01

January 4, 1978
DFCS Staff & Board honored Mrs. Ruby M. Barwick (34years) and Mrs. Johnie W. Moring (31 years, including 9 years of teaching) with a retirement dinner at Sweat's Barbecue. Participants included Miss Mildred Sessions, Miss Ruth Courson, Mr. Jackk Sweat, Mrs. Frankie C. Ware.

Others that week:
Coouncil swearing in: Jack Pournelle, Hayes Lawton, Gerald Smith. 80th birthday of Mabel Williamson.

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