Sunday, January 20, 2008

Signs from the Sign Man 01/07/08 - 01/20/08

Ice Bowl 2. Manning and Favre. The Frozen Tundra.

Read Becca's story. At Soperton Pharmacy.

Happy 1st Birthday Lailon Williams. Love, Mom and Dad.

Happy 16th plus 13 Birthday Kristy Bell McCoy.

Happy 4th Birthday Sissy Lynn Hinson. Love, Mom and Dad.

Fishing on the Oconee with the Mullet Eating Champ. - Crow-Mart. Low Prices. Hot Coffee. And Great Minds meet.

3 Shopping Days to Dana Moore's Birthday. - Cynthia Reese's Book Makes Debut in France.

Quiet, Bill is sleeping. NOT!

Happy Birthday Zamian Latimer. From Mom, Dad and Family.

Quiet. Bill is sleeping. - Meet the new mayor. Keys.

Happy birthday Clara Mae Mosley on Jan. 6th from her family.

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