Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Personal Note

A personal note:

I participated in the advance voting yesterday to be sure that my vote would count in November. Twice this year I was unable to go to the polls because I was in the hospital. When all my hospital days for 2008 are put together it adds up to about three months.

I voted at the county registrar's office. Showed my picture ID, gave the lady my new 911 address. By the time I finished the paperwork I felt that I'd met all the literacy requirements.

I'm glad that "straight ticket" voting has been eliminated in recent years. There was printing on both sides of the card ballot which will be read by machine. I voted for some Democrats and some Republicans. Incumbents who had done a good job received my vote, regardless of whether or not they had opposition. I didn't vote for offices on which the candidates were unknown to me. As usual, I voted against any constitutional amendment I didn't understand. I voted against all proposals that would give a tax advantage to anybody richer than I am.

For president I voted for the candidate who has pledged to raise the taxes of anybody richer than I am. Robin Hood always took from the rich and gave to the poor because the poor didn't have anything to take. I followed the advice of a bumper sticker on an old pick-up truck, "TOO POOR TO VOTE REPUBLICAN."

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