Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Again

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Ohhhh. How am I alive! Worked to 3:30 last night. How long oh Lord!

Learning more about American nuclear power. A million military veterans have been exposed to ionizing radiation. Some in the atmosphere experiments, some underground at the Nevada Test Site, some on nuclear submarines, some in the areas of nuclear warheads, and even today in Iraq where our military servants are exposed to depleted uranium.
American is guilty of ignorance and apathy where the Atomic Veteran is concerned. Records have been buried. Claims are unheard and unresolved.
The VA accepts some radiation-caused illnesses as presumptive. Mostly those in which the cancers are so severe that the patient will be dead in a few years, so compensation may be less than $100,000. Other radiation-induced illnesses are not considered pre-sumptive, although the radiation is the same, and the health effects are similar. Radiation attacks the body at the cellular level. One person gets lymphoma; another gets polycystic kidney disease. The PKD patient may live longer with dialysis or a kidney transplant, but health is impaired for the rest of his life. PKD causes high blood pressure, coronary disease, heart attacks and strokes.
Does the VA treat every case the same? What do you think?

Framed prints are more impressive than unframed prints. Matting improves appearance, too.
Digital imaging is great! I appreciate the days I spent in the land of "The Great Yellow Father"! I wish that there were nearby schools to cut through the tape and nonsense. Thank you, RIT for what you did for me, but I don't want to spend another winter in snow country.

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