Friday, August 24, 2007

I am a PKD Mutation - Agent Orange/Ionizing Radiation

I am a mutation. If genetic research continues and especially if it increases, I may one day get the VA disability that I've been fighting for. Polycystic Kidney Disease can be inherited, but none of my relatives has ever had PKD. Fifteen percent of the people who have PKD got it, not from their parents, but by spontaneous mutation.

Mutations can be caused by the environment - chemicals such as Agent Orange or ionizing radiation. I was exposed to both while I was in the Army.

I've found two types of people in the VA - the good doctors, nurses and other personnel who address veterans' health needs. Then there are those people who work hard to prevent a veteran to receive service connected disabilities. One disabled veteran fighting to increase his 30% level said that the motto seems to be "If they die waiting, we don't have to pay them."

Please read the following from the Mayo Clinic and go to the other URL,s, too.:

How genetic disorders occur
Article excerpt from the Mayo Clinic

Genetic disorders are caused by abnormalities (mutations) in your DNA.These abnormalities are formed by the erroneous addition, deletion orsubstitution of chemicals that make up your DNA.


Mutations can also be caused by your environment, such as exposure to chemicals or radiation.
Your parents pass their genes on to you in the form of chromosomes. Each chromosome contains genes made up of DNA, which guides your cells in creating proteins that are necessary for normal function.If your DNA contains a mutation, your cells may create proteins that don't work properly or certain proteins may not be created at all. If
this occurs with a protein that plays a critical role in your body's functioning, you could develop a medical condition.
Your genes don't cause diseases. Mutations in your genes cause your cells to stop functioning properly, which can then lead to disease.

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