Saturday, January 31, 2009

1979 I. H. Hall, Sr. House

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January 31, 1979
The I. H. Hall, Sr. house on Georgia Avenue dated back to 1908. A standard L-shaped structure with chimneys on the two side gables. Clayton Stephens told me that Mr. Hall moved to Soperton from Dodge County. His sons became prominent in the community. Banker R. A. Perry told me of having lunch with Mr. Hall and Mrs. Dolly every Friday -- a big baked fish. The house was never painted inside, but when Mrs. Dolly insisted enough, Mr. Hall hired painters who took lots of time painting and delaying on the front. That would alleviate Mrs. Dolly's pressing. The painters moved on before the job was done.
The Hall's unplanted garden spot (adjoining our backyard) was a playground for me and my siblings when we were growing up.
After Mrs. Dolly and her sister, Lee Gillis, were both deceased, I bought the property and later sold the house to Willie Shivers, Jr., who moved it to First St. (now MLK Drive).

Others that week: Railroad repairs, Eagle Mark Hutcheson, Lions Club program, Basketball.

The accompanying color picture of the I. H. Hall lot was made today, as it provides parking at Sammons Funeral Home.

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