Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Obama Really That Clever?

Of all the words he could have used, why did he say "stupidly"?

He could have said "foolishly" or "carelessly" or "rashly" or "poorly" or "wrongly" or "unfortunately".......

Obama is smart, and his team works extremely well. From the beginning of his campaign they were well prepared, had found the pulse of the public, and had devised a campaign which required minor tweaking only a few times.

Was his calibration really off or did he deliberately "stupidly" deliberately?

Why would he do that? Think of it. What did it gain?

Did Obama throw a stick into the bushes to delay the retriever? The media folks performed as anyone would expect. They are still floundering in the bushes, taking up time and attention. It may go on for days or weeks.

My opinion: The timing for health care adjustments needed tweaking. After the press jumped on the comment Friday, the interviews with national figures about health care were down during the weekend.

Let's see what happens from now until the August recess.

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